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  1. Ah, that explains it. Thanks everyone for clarification (and e1 for flushing those invalids from the server listing)!
  2. Hey everyone, When I launch the JoinByIP (v2) I'm greeted by a healthy listing of 11 servers over the various game modes, yet nearly all of them cough up the following user-friendly message when I attempt to connect: "ERROR - Unable to join the selected game session" Soooo.... what's my possible choice of problems? 1) I am attempting to connect to an outdated server listing and/or the server I am trying to reach isn't currently running. 2) I am missing a map being run on the server. (Fairly certain this isn't it as I seem to recall way back in the day being thrown a different error indicating the missing resource - I have the retail packs, the community pack, and a collected pack of my own containing various other maps) 3) I am running an incompatible mod. (Currently only "LivesForever" is active) 4) I am being oblivious and have missed something obvious posted in or around the community. How is everybody while I'm at it?
  3. Koyuki

    Bad news!

    Crossing my fingers that they place the master server business in your hands, e1. It's hard enough getting new players as it is - none of them are going to have the knowledge or drive to seek out ways to jump through hoops in order to find an online game. I suppose this day was inevitable, but I always just sort of thought it wouldn't happen if I didn't think about it.
  4. The reasonings presented here do provide several reasonings for the current play style despite what my personal take on them is. I think it's those multiple factors and their sum that explain why the environment is the way it is and not one easy to define and all-encompassing answer.
  5. Or "camp the mid-field or enemy base the rest of the 20 minutes before you end" as I more often find it to be. Which is entirely subjective. I love map X, you hate map Y - does that mean you have to endure my map the full time limit or that you can end because you loathe it? The other team blew it. Better luck next map. While I admit there are times where I've wanted that second chance, and even times where there were some amazing mid-game swings - once that core is in place, it is rarely going anywhere. Stretching it to the full time for the sake of keeping it the full time is not DD in my opinion. It's a thinly veiled TDM with emphasis on chokepoints wherever the pieces are.
  6. I've seen this, which is the whole "I just don't get it" subject matter of my post. Logic would say that empty TDM servers means players prefer DD...but I get the "don't place" almost without fail whenever I wander into DD which seems to defy that logic and suggest they prefer TDM. Maybe it's simply a case of the vocal ones being the minority, but louder/persistent?
  7. Koyuki

    lol ST lol

    I might be wrong here, but doesn't the "Rounds: 1" indicate that ST won the game and completed the device, despite scores? ^^
  8. Here's a question I can never seem to fully comprehend - Why do Team Deathmatch servers fail? I've been playing NOLF2 on and off since the release of the 1.3 patch and have, like many other players, seen the game's evolution over time. Believe it or not, there was a time you could find action in any of the game modes - be it DM, TDM, DD or Co-op. At some point in its lifetime, TDM slipped away and died a quiet death. A few attempts were made to give it a chance, but overall it fell to the wayside as the majority of players opted for either its DM or DD brethren. Thus, after several failed revivals, TDM was long buried. ...or was it? There are two phrases in DD that annoy me to no end. Number One - "Don't End!". Number Two - "Who ended?" Correct me if I'm wrong, but the objective of the Doomsday map is to work as a team to complete the Doomsday device. It's a three-piece sort of variation on Capture the Flag. Therefore your player goals may be defending and tagging your base, sniping the approaching enemy, or storming their base - but all towards the goal of finishing that diabolical piece of machinery. So why is it, given this goal, that I am pressured into feeling guilty for playing the game the way it was meant? And that's where the TDM situation confuses the hell outta me. It seems to be exactly what these two-phrasers want. Teams? Check. Killing? Check. "Don't End"? No worries. At some point the line blurred to where some players roll TDM into the DD format and expect that adoption. Is it perhaps convenience? Sure, you can kill two birds with one stone and actually play TDM style in DD without touching a single piece, and should the want arise to play pieces it can be done without having to change a single server setting. Yet where and when is this blurring taking place? Who of those players is on that same page? I know from personal experience that I have completely different play styles between game modes. In DD, I will ignore passerbys that I know I would surely lock onto and pursue if it were a simple deathmatch - because it would slow me down from getting where I am going. I take more open risks and am far more predictable in my pathing when I'm going for the enemy's piece. You may dismiss this as a moot point, but I don't. What is your opinion? Is a TDDDM medium what we have today?
  9. A little of column A, a little of column B. It seems I was too determined to start in the wrong area and figured out shooting down the ladder far too soon for my own good. It left me running all around the tops of buildings and much pulling of hair trying to get in a window I wasn't supposed to be looking at yet. Mention of the ventilation shaft was just the "you're barking up the wrong tree" revelation I needed, apparently. Just finished the mod and what a wild ride it was. It perfectly fits the NOLF2 feel model and I'll definitely be on pins and needles until the next one. Thanks for all your hard work on this Spawn. ^^
  10. Was really pumped to give this a go when I found out about it. Of course, being as blind and uncreative as I am, I'm already getting stumped right from the get-go. I've managed to figure out the first ladder, but now I've got nothing to show for it but windows barring my way and some dead goons on the other side of them. Can someone nudge me in the right direction? ^^;
  11. Ah, that's explains it. Things die down around the time I get home from work, since it's when everyone across the waters is off to bed. Darn time zone barrier. Well, I suppose I could use the weekend to satisfy that craving now and again.
  12. Guilty. During the heavier population times of the game it was actually possible to see the customs actually fill up - many fond memories of hard fought matches with Brutal in Brussels, LAB, CAVE, and Exile to Egypt way back in the early days. At some point they just emptied straight out and instead of moving forward into new and exciting match ups, the scene fell back to the out-of-the-box regular maps everyone knows inside out and blind. As a former huge fan of the customs, I used to be a part of the crowd that would also troll the 14/16 server and prod players to shift over to the custom server running alongside it. However, repeated responses of "the maps suck" were very disheartening. I enjoyed almost every custom map because they were new and exciting - especially Phantizen's works which almost always included an extra element or trick that kept things fresh. I don't quite understand it myself, as new maps and mods are the best way to extend the life of a game in my opinion. But you can only get so far with arm pulling before it simply gets ignored.
  13. Whee, I got to push the New Topic button! Anyway... having slipped out of the NOLF2 scene, I do get that impulse need-to-play feeling now and then. Unfortunately, 9 of the 10 times I slip in the CD and cruise to the servers I'm greeted with emptiness. I know it takes one player to start, but impatience seems to be bred pretty solid into me. Are there any particular days of the week and/or time of the day when games generally start up, or is it just sort of a stumble in the dark routine?
  14. How often does anyone take notice of these things, though? Not to knock the idea, as I've already thrown my lot in with the 55+ others, but there's the very real possibility it will not go anywhere. A shame, because I'm sure many others have declined in participation because of the rampant exploits - I know it's a major reason I have.