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  1. Vegabondsx

    URA's Weapons mod

    There a few things that bug me such as the golden Magnum, but for the most part it's pretty nice. Keep up the good work.
  2. no... That's what I did wrong. I forgot to do that. I instead just put them with the rest of the .rez files. Thanks.
  3. The other day I saw a few people playing on a DD server using custom maps. Since I didn't have have them installed on this computer I went to download the UnityHQ_NOLF2_Mappack Version 2.0 but when I went to join the server I couldn't join getting a "World Resources couldn't be loaded". My download may have been corrupted and I'm wondering if anyone has tried the latest version of this download (or perhaps I did something wrong). Thanks
  4. Vegabondsx

    my new site

    Board is unavailable? oh.. banned...
  5. Happy Holidays everyone. Also I just got a new copy of NOLF 2 after my previous disk 1 has become too scratched to be readable. To rejoice I played NOLF2 Deathmatch for 2-3 hours earlier (Sat 23rd). If you played DM today, you probably saw me there.
  6. Vegabondsx

    My Vista review and pics

    Windows Vista's compatability problems will not go away. They are a side effect of the need to make the operating system more "secure". Vista's interface will also use as much of your video card to render the interface as it can. Both will cause programs and games to run slower, and also keep in mind like every pervious version of windows it contains many files to keep compatibility. These are all "features" and will not be "fixed". Most of the other features including the widgets are clones of features in MacOS X. Being a Mac user I'm glad I will no longer have to worry about the troubled world of Windows.
  7. Vegabondsx

    Celthrex Reborn

    Hey everyone. I'm inviting everyone to join a website I help run. Its for the most part a computer user group where we all talk and discuss computers, games, and anything else. We are also starting a clan which currently has open membership. We also have an IRC channel. For the most part we all talk/post and have a good time. The address for the forums is: You might be wondering why the web page is pink. We do have female members, but the Pink is in reconition of breast cancer which affects both women and men. Therefore, because October is Breast Cancer awareness month our color scheme is pink. Hope that you stop by! - Ryan, aka Vegabond
  8. Vegabondsx

    Map rotation wish list

    I personally would like to see more of the doomsday maps cycled...
  9. Vegabondsx

    Next Gen Consoles

    I personally am looking forward to Wii. Im especially glad that Nintendo is focusing on gaming rather than graphics. Playing Metroid could be really fun with a gyro controller.
  10. Vegabondsx

    Recording Cheaters

    I think they can incorperate the corrector into nolf if they make it rare, limited ammo (like two shots), and perhaps less powerful. I think it was a little cheap in CJ when you can pick it up and then get ammo for it right next to it, giving you nine shots or so. Im not one to cry "HACKER" but there are a few times in NOLF2 when I questioned if someone has been using a mod.
  11. Vegabondsx

    Stop making servers!

    I personally dont think NOLF2's method of handling servers is that great in the first of all. Contract JACK and even NOLF1 in my opinion is much better. It would be great if you could save favorite servers.
  12. Vegabondsx


    Thanks, I've been playing on UnityHQ's Doomsday server for a while now and decided to check out the site. I realized most the people I play with are members here.
  13. Vegabondsx

    NOLF2 in Rosetta

    Does anyone else here play NOLF2 in Rosetta? If so have you any luck/tips in improving performace and stability? If you know, Rosetta is a compatibility layer of the intel version of OS X that actively translates PowerPC code to x86 code.
  14. Vegabondsx

    CJ Server uptime record?

    Is the CJ server still up? I used to play CJ online and then they all just seemed to disappear.
  15. Vegabondsx


    Hi everyone. It's Vegabondsx, you might reconize me from NOLF, NOLF2, or CJ multiplayer