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  1. gduck

    Running NOLF 1 on Windows 10

    I had to fiddle some to get it to work but I'm currently running on windows 10 64 bit edition. I installed the 1.3v patch. To be honest I can't remember exactly what I did, but it took a little fiddling. If you are still having trouble let me know and I can look further into what I did. Note that you should be able to run the single player without any server, just locally.
  2. gduck

    Happy New Year

    Thanks, Happy new year!
  3. gduck


    Have you been able to get it work John? Do you need any help?
  4. gduck


    Hey everyone, I've been attempting to speedrun NOLF2 on and off over the past couple years (ever since I found the GDQs). My current PB is ~1 hour 39 minutes. If anyone is interested I can write up notes on what I've found. I just learned there are several out of bounds tricks in Grachev's WR 1:26:28 (see So I'm currently working on integrating those. Lets create a NOLF2 speedrunning community!
  5. gduck

    New to UnityHQ? Say hello here!

    Hello everyone. I got this game as a gift years ago and it was my favorite game for years. I recently got into speedrunning and when deciding what game to play I couldn't help but revisit NOLF2. I figured since I've spent a ton of hours in this game recently I should research what community still exists. Contact me if you have interest in speedrunning and we can compare notes/race.
  6. Welcome to the forums gduck :)