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  1. Kitty!

    [NEW] Anti Cheat Mod for Nolf 2!!

    with so many updates and links here and there, i think i rather wait for the final release of it and then try to play it? Gotta try to find a new game since my cd broke -.- If they still sell it...
  2. Kitty!

    Another weird problem

    have u considered uninstalling and reinstalling the game?
  3. Kitty!

    Post Your Picture

    Thats not u! lol... is it? Naaah
  4. Kitty!

    Post Your Picture

    Very cool pics guys.. Luv the wedding pics!!
  5. Kitty!


    OMG LOL. Thx a lot, i was eating...
  6. Kitty!

    Post Your Picture

    LMAO! Thats a wrap for the day...
  7. Kitty!

    Nature vs. Nurture

    The womens actually. But most of them fall for guys who think by saying pretty things can get laid. Not all girls are smart enough to detect "easy" guys.
  8. Kitty!

    Nature vs. Nurture

    LOL. The majority of gay men are the ones out of control. Cause my friend is very picky when choosing a guy he wants to have a relationship with. And he is not promiscuos like that. But ive seen some of them like basically going at it with just anyone, which is why most gay men are highly at risk. But this has to do more with being promiscuos, cause not to change topic or to sound racist, but i have read on magazines that in black people, they are number one when it comes to being infected with AIDS. Pls correct me if im wrong. I remember that hispanics were in 3rd place on this one. They aparently think with their pipi instead with their heads, which is why they also make kids everywhere and then go to the maury show for a paternity test. Theres a saying that men will go as far the women lets them...
  9. Kitty!

    Nature vs. Nurture

    OK FINE... But being gay must be something u feel, and not born with. How can u remember being born gay? There must be some type of reason why ppl are gay. Some ppl start by being curious, for some of them it wears off, etc etc. Although most of them truly know their sexuality. U say gay ppl told u they didnt choose to be gay, so that means that they maybe didnt choose to be gay, but that they feel they are gay cause they feel attracted to the same gender, but can they remember being gay when 3 or 4 yrs old? I dont think they can, if they say they do, WOW. homosexuality cant be detected in that early stage of life, because kids dont have that capacity to understand sexuality. They do have curiosity about their body and such, but they cant feel attraction or tendencies. Again with my obessesion of anal sex, its not pointless to talk about it! It does make sense that gay men who do this are highly exposed to deadly deceases. Straight ones too.
  10. Kitty!

    Nature vs. Nurture

    1. Then how about instead of mocking other ppls opinion, u bring something useful to the table. Suggestions, possible reasons, anything stupid, but at least something worth reading. 2. Its not that i cant express clearly, its that u dont get my point clearly enough. 3. Ill post as many posts i want too, u can choose to ignore my posts if u dont find them intelectual enough. 4. I have no obsession with anal sex, i was just giving my opinion on KNIX's post about gay and straight ppl practising anal sex. Pls read earlier posts. 5. Its great, fun too, but i dont have time for that BS, im interested on this topic and i wanna read useful information and maybe get educated myself, not read and waste seconds of my life reading ur... nonsense.
  11. Kitty!

    Nature vs. Nurture

    CAip, frikin take a deep breath, and free ur bad energy to some other place. U missed my other post that being gay is something u feel, so read between the lines. Its not my damn business what gay or straight ppl do in their beds, in fact i wasnt even on the gay marriage topic when i posted that, i was talking about anal sex being bad for ur health, do u have to follow my advice? NO u dont, im just educating in the fact that ANAL sex is bad for u. Nothing else, so again, read carefully. About the boy liking little mermaid... I dont appreciate ur sarcasm, if u cant understand what im trying to say, dont even bother to quote me, NO better yet, dont even read my posts. Comprende?
  12. Kitty!

    Nature vs. Nurture

    I actually have some few memories from when i was like 5, im 4 real but staying in topic, very interesting the fact that being gay doesnt mean u had a bad childhood, or was molested, being exposed to certain things may cause it. Lets say a little boy watches little mermaid a lot, he may want to be like that character, ignoring the fact that hes a boy and hes supposed to enjoy boy stuff. Again theres many reason why this is happening, its funny how some ppl have girls and they let them play with boy stuff like soccer balls, boyish videogames and play other boyish stuff and when boys play with girls stuff, its a red flag Nothing wrong with girls being tomboy, cause we girls are as good as u guys, but i hope u get what i mean ^^ To answer Spacko's question, theres no answer to that, that question is like other mystery questions, i personally think u cant be born gay, its something u develop later in life.
  13. Kitty!

    Nature vs. Nurture

    LOL Thx for clearing that out to me