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  1. Hugo, Natter's family perfectly knew about his gaming life and his wife also enjoyed the pleasure Natter could have to play with us. He was a man of rules and respect. Now we have to face his disappearance, even if he was "only" a "virtual" friend for most of us ! How we handle the situation is completely personnal. No one can show you the right act you have to do. Just because there is no "right" thing to do. This is just the personnal way you wish to say goodbye to Natter it won't make and it come back (If only it could ) No matter if you know his real name or if it was only Natter or Natty, we're speaking of the same person... And the game enabled us to devellopped some feelings, don't forget it ! Some people won't never post here but will pray for his soul, others will just post a thread here to his memory, others will ask moonie her address because they wish to send some written words, well....there's so many different things you can do ! It's up to every one and there is no one to judge what is wrong or right. I think this thread will be printed and join to the cards Moonie may received, for me it's the least we can do for Natter's wife. Bring to her a bit of our good feelings to help her relieve from her pain.... Now I'm also sad because I won't be able to join any nolf2 party (specially the memorial one), I'm on the verge of moving to another house and the CD is somewhere carefully packed in the 35 boxes waiting out of there ! But remember he's still there in our heart and mind ! Now I've got a card that is watiing for some soothing words to be written on..... Have a nice game all ! BIll Baroud
  2. Sorry Onyx, I must admit I did not thought about non speaking French people, my eyes became blurry till I got to the end of the lines... We had so many things in common... No words can really describe our feeling inside... I never thought an angel could die..... Thank you
  3. ton absence est tellement forte, qu'elle crée en nous une présence qui nous rend faible, nous supporte. On ne lui a pas dit au revoir, il est parti sans notre accord, car la mort a ses raisons que notre raison ignore. Alors on s'est regroupé d'un réconfort utopiste. A plusieurs on est plus fort mais on n'est pas moins triste. C'est seul qu'on fait son deuil, car on est seul quand on ressent. On apprivoise la douleur, il est toujours là, à l'esprit et dans nos souvenirs. Sur internet, dans ces parties pleines de sourires. Il nous entoure et reste à nos côtés, il reprend vie dans nos rêves, comme si de rien n'était. On se rassure face à la souffrance qui nous serre le cou, en se disant que là où il est, il a sûrement moins mal que nous. Alors on marche, on rit, on chante, mais son ombre demeure, dans un coin de nos cerveaux, dans un coin de notre bonheur. Ton humour, tes paroles, ton sourire, et ton fair play tes competences et cet air de "même pas peur" les meilleurs s'en vont donc toujours bien les premiers tu nous manques déjà. Adieu Natter Bill Baroud
  4. Akin

    Is it a bug ?

    Seems that we can have nice competitive party now ! Thanks a lot for all that work ! BIll
  5. Akin

    Is it a bug ?

    Ho yes! And she's HOT ! I've just created a brand new profile and all is back to normal now ! BIll
  6. Akin

    Is it a bug ?

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Yes very odd indeed ! Playing this afternoon I'm now at 0 HP and cannot get any more LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Hard time for me in the maps ! Even a miss grenade kill me ! Bill
  7. Akin

    Is it a bug ?

  8. Akin

    Is it a bug ?

    You were right kep ! I got into a simple lan session and every thing is back to normal now ! Anyway, it's something that should be corrected because cheating now becomes too easy ! And it's not cheat anyway ! Thanks a lot ! But correct that please ! Bill free from curse !
  9. Akin

    Is it a bug ?

    Well it's not on the Dm mode as far as I've seen, but on the doomsday mode ! Indeed it's funny to be "better" than cheaters ! But I can't hardly stand now this situation when I play with friends I think I'm gonna leave the game if I can't reverse this situation ! Bill
  10. Akin

    Is it a bug ?

    I'm really happy that we can still keep on playing Nolf2, but since I'm playing with the Nolf2 mode (thank you Elzerro) something strange happens ! My health now can go up to 320 HP and my armor up to 430 ! Is it really normal ? :blink: Bill
  11. Akin

    It Just Closed!

    It wooooooorks ! Thanks to all ! :happy1: :happy1: Bill
  12. Akin

    Bad news!

    Elite we can't download it ? Bill
  13. Akin

    Ok it sucks !

    Anti-cheatserver is there ! Wonderful ! Magnifique ! Wunderbar ! Except that I've not been able to join an anti cheatserver for a few weeks ! Beside this, I've heard some words about it's not anti cheat anymore.... So... I'm still alone to play the whole maps for hours till I met somebody to play with So.... Would it be possible to get back to the old system ? Bill Alone !
  14. Akin

    Brand new target posted !

    Yep ! He's hiding for now , but he promises to be in the servers in the full week ! Bill
  15. All the congrats to Chris who brought to us the best tag screenshots of poor fuzzy But now it's time to get a new target for the hunt ! please check it here : http://akin.free.fr/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=33 Good hunt to every hunters ! Bill