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  1. Web design...

    your retarted ^^ [my bro is a noob coder ]
  2. [UKN] Clan Founded

    Umm...I want to give up UKN... I had too less members and now Apox doesn't want to be in UKN anymore...so...please remove UKN from the clanlist... :'(
  3. Post Your Picture

    (don't know...) and good bye lmao
  4. Sniper's World

    You can now download my newest map called Sniper's World and my first map called [uKN] Training on http://www.ukn.de.gg Screenshot of Sniper's World : Screenshot of [uKN] Training :
  5. [UKN] Clan Founded

    Hi NOLFerzz, I founded a new NOLF1 + 2 Clan...please check out our clan website and register at the forums... I hope we will soon have some members so that we can do our first clan match =] Our Clan website : http://www.ukn.de.gg
  6. [UKN] Clan


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