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  1. lovestospooge

    odd find in alpine intrigue, scene 1

    hi! a bit awkward, this, since it's pretty much my first post and everything but i figured i'd share it anyway (maybe you've seen it before, idk); i was playing NOLF with a walkthrough (for the first time in, what, 15 years? jesus) and found this bit of user mail in the alpine intrigue section, right after you've gotten to the inn: this is the place: there was no follow up to any of this, and the walkway looked off since it lacked a railing but still seemed to lead somewhere since i'm a fan of cut/deleted material from old games i decided to check it out myself -- i entered the noclip cheat -- first try didn't work, which is how i ended up here in the first place! -- and elevated myself in position. indeed, there was an opening of some kind: and this is what i found upon entering: a cate model and a light! eerie, i'd say, but then again perhaps these little checkpoint areas are commonplace throughout the game. my best guess would be that the gated area with the long empty tunnel just before the inn would lead to this second-story compartment as an alternate route to finishing the level -- perhaps even a placeholder for a cutscene that never materialized? we'll never know
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