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  1. Yes, nice to see you too! Actually things were back to normal the next time I checked...which was a few hours later after I had posted...maybe something in my post got the nolf gods to allow us girls back in
  2. I'm actually getting the invalid CD-key message too, not the first time though and can't remember what happened last time (think my computer crashed soon after that or something and I had to install everything again). Everything was still working last night.
  3. +you forgot he keeps his servers locked, so that only the ones in his clan could play on them, since they're usually the only ones knowing the password
  4. Natter forgot the beauty naps completely! And I've been even too busy with my getting relaxed and other stuff to even think about the match...
  5. Well, I don't actually yet know when I'll be home around those weekends...and I never can tell if I suddenly find out that I should go to dinner at someone (which will, with my luck, happen)...but I'll as soon as find out when I'm home nd when not, inform it... Yes, the tactic of chat kills has been already tested with some promising results and we still have time to work on that tactic....it's the deadliest tactic ever. Eve