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  1. uhmm.... ahhhhm... ughhh... ehmmm... no comment.
  2. METAL

    NOLF? Tonight?

    Rofl. Could be, but yet I have harder time getting or staying up at that time. (7am) Not that 5 am is a lot better. ROFL. Well for such things as pwning and rulling I preffer to play GW. Well you may say that I am just a big "wussy", so go ahead I dont mind. I am a guild leader wussy atleast. And I am the king of the world now! > Start of story! Muhahaha! >: )
  3. METAL

    NOLF? Tonight?

    I think Bella is right. Atleast it would be better for me.
  4. Well not that I am kind of person that is careing about the world that he lives on and trying every best he can to help it, but on the other hand never late to start. Today I've runned into a banner on a web site for web designer tutorials and Idercided to sign in, if anyone wants can do the same. I preffer the internet neutrality stays the same.
  5. METAL

    NOLF? Tonight?

    Well I dont mind playing at that time, but my graphic is hard to schedule, but 9 pm est is more than decent for me atm. Otherwise I'd be comfortable playing at 2-3 am est which I know is hard for most of the erst here. But I'll try popping every once in awhile, if Bella is playing there ufcourse. > : P Muhahah! It was fun playing the other night, even RXS nana rape lol. j/k.
  6. Thx for putting my note toward the mod there. You're the living proof. hmm.... sometimes I havent been able to shoot the nanas in the retail version too, how many times did u tryed? I think I shot the nanas in the mod few times already.
  7. This have been reported in the bug section of the mod and included all the info and the your post as it is, hope it gets resolved soon. Thank you for the info E1.
  8. METAL


    Unlike PinX I have to agree with ez here. The advantage may not be in the contrast colors by it self maybe, but I guess it is possible to edit the skin and putting a layer or brush the desired area you want to associate with the bot to aim is possible. But however before the "is there an aimbot in nolf2 and does this thing has any future here" discussion to be starte.... I'd like to say few more lines.... No matter if it has been used for aimbots or not, it should be cool if those chams get released officially for downloading so everyone can use them and everything to be fair and square. If you want to create new skins that's cool, if you just want to change the look of the skins on your end, it isn't that cool, but it is your own choice. I prefer these stuff not to be used, but no matter what the ppl posting here desires, it is again that if anyone want to use a cham he can use it bcs there is no way for now this can be prevented as the anti-cheat isnt checking the skins.
  9. EDIT: There is a fix at tgf about the fix and german users. I'll e-mail nat the fix.
  10. Duh, I thought this has been solved. Have you tryed the original link Nat? EDIT: I have just noticed that the folder from The site that shall not be named is in strange order at first. But when I've just unpacked the folder in my mods folder, I could run the mod too. It was nolf2 exp-fix 1.32 i think, instead of exp-fix 1-32. But it was working, though it didnt done the check at the start.
  11. I have an idea about that. It wont be addressing ppl from the game, but though, I think it can do some work.
  12. Posted a link at BAB forums too. (btw we have a whole army of Smiley's now there, so check it out. Thx skiz. ) )
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    Well... that isn't always the truth. But mostly it is, and btw you hit my lucky number too lol.
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    WTF! Heavy Metal! Let's Rock! Let's Kick A$$! I SUCK! U NOOB! AFK LMAO LMFAO ROFL WOW LOL MUHAHAHA (opps we already have that 1 in uras mode)
  15. That's interesting to know too imo.
  16. I'd be takin souvenir like that if ever find 1 asweel if I ever run into something interesting as that. Hope to have a better mobile phone with beter camera. Or to be able to run fast enough if I need to lol. I've madea litte search for translation btw. An exact match for the word was not found. Following are some of the similar sounding words or wildcard matches. Please select a closer match. Similar Sounding Words millstone molest millstone Function: noun Meaning: 1. (a) chakkI kA pATa &
  17. No, it's not just funny. It's hillarious! I can only imagine what you've felt when you found that one Arch.
  18. lol, Archer nice find! That's great lol!
  19. METAL

    Czech Imposter

    Hi, to all NOLF 2 game server admins. We have another imposter fan here. The cxzech player that is playing under the name D@vid atm, is impostering J-Girl with and w/o the clan tag and slandering, swearing around the servers. When she asked him to stop, he replyed that he likes taking the names of other players and play under them. -_- I am not requestion anything atm, other than to just be aware of that wacky czech player and if he imposters other names agains, just to be taken care of, if possible. Thank you in advance!
  20. It's down and the sire is no more. I can upload it somewhere I guess, but on the other hand I am too busy.
  21. Yea, Fzy's right! Maybe I'll maybe play more customs then.
  22. Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought the AK especiall is more powerfull than the 1 in NOLF 2... or maybe that's only in SP part of the game? As for the nanas, with kittycat mode you can have all the nolf 2 weapons, if I am right.