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  1. haha, lifes good, been busy studyin for the exams :S the examweek ends on thursday and the Xmas vacation starts on friday. ill get the exams back in january sometime. hows ur life? ^^ busy hostin the website? ill go to sauna m8 -->

  2. lol, 997 posts... lol I must have few posts deleted by the time i've came to check my profile.


    Thx anyways I'll have it again in 2 posts. :P

  3. lol I already done it! ^^ lol geez i was gonna miss it. xD

  4. Congrats with your post number 1000 ^^

  5. Happy Birthday!! :)

  6. Hey ty for arranging it Metal, it was cool, wish i had had a lil more intrest for nolf :S cos u know how it is wit me (& dayni) when it comes to nolf. :)

  7. LOL ill tell u in MSN ^_^

  8. Ya te conseguí una novia METAL :P

  9. Ohh ok ya veo :)

  10. Q paso brotha? ;)

  11. Muy bien y tu?