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  1. Força Barça!!!!!

  2. dont worry, everybody make mistakes everyday . i play single player mainly.
  3. i uploaded some screenshots to imageshack my display configuration my video settings thats how the game looks always without re-starting the engine (without shadows) thats how looks once the engine is re-started, i force it to restart changing some setting in video settings menu (shadows get enabled but only for the current room, once u exit a room it get disabled again)
  4. sorry but patch 1.4 is for NOLF 1 not NOLF 2
  5. NOLF is patched to 1.3 because if i do it to 1.4 it changes the game language to english (i have the game in spanish). my computer specs are: windows xp sp3, 1.5 gb ram, nvidia geforce 6200 with forceware 185.85. my screen settings are 800x600x32 and 32 bit textures and video settings are set in high and shadows are enabled (it says circular).
  6. hi! i have a very odd issue with the shadows in this game. i have it enabled but it dont show until i force to re-start the engine changing some setting in the game video settings menu, then the next time i play the game i have to do it again. i re-installed the game a lot of times but it dont get fixed
  7. it happens to me too, i have a nvidia 6200. with lightmaps on the textures rounding a light source are of purple colour like a rainbow color effect. i dont know if this is intended or is an issue
  8. hello! i have installed NOLF2 patched to 1.3 on my old computer (windows xp sp3, amd 64 athlon 3800+, 1.5 gb ram, nvidia geforce 6200 with forceware 185.85) and i get random crashes to desktop when loading savegames or loading stages with a window saying 'client mfc error'. the sound and fx work perfect. how i can solve it?
  9. Welcome to the forums zare :)