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  1. Sander

    Nolf Memorial Match

    Heya will be there!
  2. The mod runs but no servers detected... not even unityHQ custom Ill be there tonight at 20:00! (One hour left )
  3. I strongly disagree but I won't start a discussion on that again with you, pinx.
  4. wooo I'll see if I can be there ^^
  5. Dear unityHQ, Due to several reasons I sadly have to announce that =NS= will close its doors as of today. There are people paying quite some for this website and there is a big amount of inactivity (including myself). I've had a fenomenal time here in NS and after all we made it to almost 3.5 years. There were ups and downs, members leave and join but it has always been a pleasure to be here . This was a real hard decision to make, with pain in my heart. Good luck to everyone in the future! Sander, Martijn and Cel (=NS= leaders)
  6. A bit early, as always ! ah well, merry christmas and a happy 2009
  7. Yep seems a common bug still new bugs are being discovered though the game is 6 years old ^^
  8. The sfi and unityHQ servers are down, PNX is online but not joinable as they dont run the LivesForever mod.
  9. Sander

    Bad news!

    I'm not so into this master server and joining stuff but Im sure it's a great idea URA
  10. Sander

    Bad news!

    at gametracker people can set their servers' details and then gametracker checks the server on players and stats like kill death ratio and overall scores it's not a program, it's a website ! have a look at pnx server !
  11. Sander

    Bad news!

    Maybe a URL at the pics to the server stats, who played most, who scored most, stuff like that is available on gametracker
  12. Yayyy very good, you released it! Maybe posting screenshots would help people to click the download button they are really cool!