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  1. And can you believe they charged $34.95 for a 7 mission game when this came out?
  2. Leesy, Please accept my apologies. I know Yourmathteacher and when I have played with all of you, you guys were all class acts.
  3. Sometimes I think Elite should shut down the servers with what she goes through. She could use the money to treat herself to something very fun and decadent.
  4. I agree. If people truly cared about this game there would be more servers. SFI as well as ST need to be credited for helping keep the game alive. Where were the TGF servers all these years?
  5. Elite, I've been on vacation so I just wanted to say I'm sorry this has happened to you. You don't deserve this treatment. Didn't I warn you and everybody else about Angeleyes way back in December? He is nothing but a troublemaker. It was his ultimate goal to destroy the community and he has succeeded.
  6. Just expressing my opinion. I KNOW its a beta, but they better make some changes in the weapons. Ive beta tested ALOT of games and I just call it as I see it. People will either love it or hate it. Right now, I'm ambivelent. <<<-----Ambivelent smiley
  7. Um. I know. I am saying its an open beta that everyone could join.
  8. Actually Fear's beta is open to the public now. You can even run a server. It has 3 maps. You could try it out if you have some extra servers, so Nolfer's can evaluate. As for my experience, its basically a so so game. Its graphics are kind blocky, and it looks like they concentrated on sprites/bullet impacts/etc over everything else. And Fear's Graphics kind of remind me of Nolf 1. Theres really nothing state of the art about it. Its actually more like a dumbed down version of Counter Strike.
  9. Bella and Elite, This is a fabulous start to what I'm sure will be the definitive Nolf site. Thanks for creating this.
  10. The following places accept maps for *FREE* And when you post sites at this link..... they automatically end up at this link below! Can you see the benefits of posting to the Gamespot site? Mappers SHOULD have been posting their maps their 2 years ago instead of relying on just one site! You can also post maps at these sites Its simple and quick to submit any map or mod to these sites, but if anyone needs help, just let me know. I'll be glad to help you out.