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  1. Gunman


    Hi first time I've been on here in years. Used to play nolf under the names Gunman and MythiX. Anyone still play online?
  2. Gunman

    The site that shall not be named?

    Hi Tizer, MythiX from nolf, hope all is well
  3. Gunman

    Team deathmatch maps??

    Ok no problem i was kinda wondering cause i didnt see any servers up, and thought this was because i didnt get the mappack, but i have DD and DM mappakcs and im good to go. hope to see u ingame and go easy on me lol ive been playing nolf 1 for the last 2 years but yeah nolf 2 is quite fun D.O.A.MythiX.
  4. Hey i just started playing nolf2 yesterday i played some doomsday with some Ns guys and Sfi natter and also this cool guy names alan partridge. i was wondering can someone please give me a link on where i can th tdm mappack plz. yours truly, D.O.A.MythiX:)
  5. Gunman


    lol did u hear greatbrtains song goes right through my head
  6. Gunman

    Missing in Action: Sequels We'd Love to See (Nolf 3)

    it would be so weird if a nolf 2 was made with the nolf 1 players playing wiht the nolf 2 players i guess we would be the veterans for the new guys
  7. Gunman

    Missing in Action: Sequels We'd Love to See (Nolf 3)

    I voted if a nolf 2 was ever made would the present nolf 2 clans expand to nolf 3??
  8. Gunman

    Hey all! :)

    welcome do u have nolf 1???
  9. Gunman

    A blond Bond?

    In my opinion there will never be a better james bond than Sean Connery he looks the part so it doesnt matter what colour the bond is Sean Connery always the best MyThiX-
  10. Have A merry christmas and a Happy New Year take care and dont be doin anything stupid D.O.A.MyThiX-
  11. Gunman

    Nolf skin.........well sorta

    were do you get all the maps for star trek eilte froce the only one i have is stargate but were do you get the other ones
  12. thank you hope to be playing nolf 2 quite soon but i am merging a clan with ego to make them 1 clan so ill be very busy so i wont be able to play nolf 2 yet
  13. Gunman

    Recording Cheaters

    you forgot 1 thing we have the barracav corrector
  14. Gunman

    Pretty Things!

    already am creating havoc
  15. Gunman

    Recording Cheaters

    Yeah you have a good point nolf 2 has by far the better graphics than nolf 1 but nolf online is better i think i also have nolf 2 you can only pick a range of 3 characters in nolf you can pick sbout 20 and tht doesnt even include custom skins my conclusion Nolf 1 gameplay ====== Nolf Nolf 2 graphic