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  1. i have this file called :nolf_1003to1004.exe I am running nolf 2 single play. Do i need this update ? I haven't noticed a nocd for v1.4 and i don't want to run the update, if i can't find a 1.4 nocd file. I do have images of my discs (I made 2 daa files),but i'm trying to save space on my hard drive. I keep my dvd drive unplugged and just have two harddrives plugged in. EDIT UPDATE: whoops! I had a Homer simpson moment This update patch is for the first nolf game and not nolf 2. doh!
  2. would running the game in a a v.m be a solution? I mean , if u have win8.1 , then u probably have a computer tthat is quite capable of running the game in a winxp virtual machine.
  3. Welcome to the forums doomcake :)