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  1. I have exhausted every possibility to get this game to work. Installed game without the patch works, however, no "in game" sound. Installed retail patch 1.03 game does not load at all except for splash screen. I have tried every compatibility mode, nothing happens. Any ideas would be great. I have googled this issue to no end.
  2. I cannot get NOLF2 to run in Windows 8.1 THe splash/settings screen loads. But that is it.
  3. I applied the settings in regards to Win 7. But no dice. Game won't open . I even loaded a patch that allows you to run the game on a widescreen. Nothing.
  4. Trying to run NOLF2 in Windows 8.1

  5. Question? What are the steps to run NOLF 2 single player in Windows 8.1? I also have an HDTV with AMD video card using HDMI. The game will bring up the settings screen, but nothing else.
  6. Welcome to the forums gamerguy :)