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  1. This is such helpful info, THANK YOU! I think I'm going to have to try and fix my old desktop just to play it there are so many problems along with this one since getting my new laptop x___x
  2. I also have the GOTY edition and installed it just fine so that might be a factor. I loaded mine 2 different ways and it runs but my only problem is that I can't change controls or go under water. Playing has been quite a challenge -___-
  3. I tried that :/ maybe I just need to reinstall it...I can't even even edit the keyboard controls still x____x
  4. Unfortunately I'm gonna try and bring this topic back too :/ I can't see underwater now either T_T but oddly enough if I press "esc" while underwater I can see but can't do anything except select from the menu LOL I'm currently running an nVIDIA GTX960M running win10 it used to run no problem on my last comp (i'm not sure the card though but it was win7) but now with win 10 I've had a few problems with getting this game to run properly x____x
  5. So I finally have a new computer and got my game loaded and I am set to play online but unfortunately I can't change the keyboard controls The mouse controls I can change and they will stay but if I try to change the keyboard it reverts back to the original settings :/ I've never had this problem before so I'm super confused x___x
  6. Ok guys I'm so sorry for this but I don't think I'll be able to join my own event now -_____- My computer is pretty much past the point of fixing and I can't get a new comp yet T_T occasionally it'll let me do minor things but it freaks out when I try to play games or vids or certain programs and being online is like dial-up just trying to type T_T My disc drive is not working still and my comp will just randomly shut off, the graphics card is going and the motherboard is struggling too I'm sad to say idt I can host this T_T If someone else would like to try and host this, please do! I highly suggest you guys also do a consistent community game night though and hopefully I'll get a new comp soon and we can schedule one like this with the intention of reaching more people I'm so sorry this has been terrible timing and I'm super bummed now T_T I'll do my best to keep you updated :/ again, I'M SO SORRY -__-
  7. Ok, so my disc drive is busted and I've been trying to fix it but it's not fixable I can't play my game right now. but I'm going to try and DL it soon but my comp is increasingly getting worse (it's old) so just a heads up if I end up not being able to attend my own "event" LOL
  8. idk what's happening, every time I go to start up my game it asks for me for disc 2, which is in the computer. The game won't start because of it. I've never had this issue before and was wondering if anyone knew what might be up?
  9. For some reason I could have swore I posted LOL sorry, guys it's been kinda hectic for me x____x Anyway, here's what I had wrote up for a "big" meet meant to be posted to Facebook. If you would like me to change the time I can do that I just put 3:00 because that was suggested XD "Hey guys! Us over at are having a NOLF night August 22nd starting at 3:00pm EST filled with all the fun that could only come from the year 2000! Time to dust off your old copy of No One Lives Forever and fire it up! Don’t have one? That’s fine we can show where to get a copy! Never played? ALSO FINE! You have time to learn (we’re all pretty chill so if you suck, THAT’S FINE TOO!) “But wait…didn’t Gamespy shut down their servers?!” YES! Gamespy has in fact died! BUT, we are a determined and resourceful community that has servers up just so you can continue to play online….you just have to download them … [Links below: 2 different ways on accessing the servers] OR Need more Help? Just ask or head over to"
  10. Hey, does anyone know if there is a thread in the forum that talks about loading NOLF1 on newer operating systems (mac and PC)? I know I found one but I can't seem to find it again lol
  11. Awesome! Still trying to figure out all the details but I'll hopefully have a plan for you guys to look over by the end of the week or sooner XD
  12. OMG I totally forgot about time zones x___x I'm sorry! Sadly I personally work during that time Friday but if we had one night where we tried inviting as many people as possible there's no reason why you still couldn't play around this time or earlier starting the party around you and I could just jump in later continuing the party around here LOL and maybe twice a month we could have a community game night around these times too just a thought to get people playing again and possible new traffic when I get home today I can try to write a plan up. I was thinking we could do the "massive invite" in August giving newbies a chance to learn the game and set it up. And if you guys wanted an actual community night we could obviously just start that whenever XD
  13. So I don't get on as much as I'd like to anymore and today I was thinking it would be really cool to set up a time 1 night in thefuture that would work well for a lot of people. My idea is that we could have an event scheduled for a Friday or Saturday evening and invite as many people as we could to partake in this. Maybe make in invite via FB and give people who may not have the game, instructions on where to get it and how to set it up to play online. We could try and get new and old players to try playing it again or for the first time. And even if no one new decides to join us, at least 1.) If they didn't know about the game, now they do 2.)We from the community could just have a community game night XD Any thoughts? Does this sound lame? IDK lol
  14. So I'm sure some of you have read by now the article on this ( Kotaku Article )and IDK about you guys but I can't believe WB wouldn't want to make money off of this! People will pay for this game especially if updated to modern standards and if they don't have to put any real effort or even money into this why wouldn't you allow it?! it's straight profit for them at that point! There aren't many of us here but for those that do read this I highly suggest bringing up NOLF on their Facebook page( WB page ) or maybe even sending them an email or something. Let them know people would love it and many new people would start playing it!
  15. It's already in the txt file :/ and the command line doesn't seem to be doing it either >.<* but the qtracker way worked so that's good Thank you so much for helping me, sorry if I was confusing lol