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  1. Nines!@TheDisco

    New Tag

    <3 <3 <3 "you wanna park your truck on my mothers face??" Its all about when that turkey hits roger's head
  2. no no, i said phat team not the fat team.
  3. sign me up for the Phat team
  4. The brit just came! Yeah we were a little occupied at the its not like you had great competition or anything!
  5. NO GOO, NO! M.I.A. is just WRONG. it's like someone put bollywood, a hindu festival, disco fever, sequins and a plethora of drugs you should say no to, in a big bag and recorded it. ears bleeding!
  6. ARGH i used to find this HIGHLY IRRITATING in Spain !! They dub everything into spanish. and not very well... Spanish women generally seem to have quite husky, not-so-femine voices. So at times, unless you can see someone's mouth moving, you couldn't tell who was speaking!! Subtitles all the way!! i found it quite useful to pick up some spanish phrases.
  7. lol lol lol nice try!! scrabble anyone?
  8. nein nein nein, it's teh neinz.

  9. To be fair tho, they were all rubbish. -_-
  10. Spain though! one was a pezzo di gnocco
  11. i forgotz to mention my age: i'm 22, libra, like long walks on the beach, gsoh, wltm...
  12. yeah, fix up mari, you're slacking! and errr...put me down as a "perhaps?" i don't even know when the 4th is
  13. Nines!@TheDisco


    Like kindergarten in here... and btw, my dad's better than your dad! But on topic - NS has a lot of active members and a lot are european, so that might explain why they're quite a few around at the same time. Nice idea still.