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  1. Nines!@TheDisco

    Whats Up With Your Names?

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <-----------------------------------------------------------------
  2. Nines!@TheDisco

    The Happy Birthday thread

    HIPPY BIRTHDAY TO MR GOO! 14 TODAY!!!!!!!!!! Have a fun day and eat cake!
  3. Nines!@TheDisco

    Brits in Amsterdam

    Welcome to Essex.
  4. Nines!@TheDisco

    Spax and Nines' Column

    This post will address several previous posts posted by other posters. Sascha: Thank you very much for you contribution! We are very flattered that you have dedicated your first pieces of art to us. The progressive flair really stands out. Matsukura-san would be very proud. Goo: Your haiku surpassed our expections! Perhaps you should pay close attention to what your inner state was telling you at the time you wrote said haiku. While this reveals your inner thoughts, and despite being a very good attempt at a haiku, one must truly understand the artform of a haiku, and that is to use nature to relate to human nature. As it stands, your haiku is inconsummate.
  5. Nines!@TheDisco

    Spax and Nines' Column

    It could be argued that you are one. But I edited it for you; I hope it is to your satisfaction. Oh, and think deeper goo, there is a meaning more profound than that. All i can say is that it is inevitable.
  6. Nines!@TheDisco

    Spax and Nines' Column

    As some of you may be aware, Spax and I are budding haiku composers. So, we would like to take this opportunity to share some with you. A Haiku is an unrhymed Japanese poem recording the essence of a moment keenly perceived, in which nature is linked to human nature. Every so often we will be publishing our poems for all to view on this very site!! And we also intend to dedicate each piece to "someonez" especially deserving. This week, we dedicate our haiku to Goo and Alexa; and to the future! Gypsies drown in pondz Water likes to play with me Koi don't be coy now.
  7. Nines!@TheDisco


    ???????????????????????????????? Have you actually seen the link?? lol i would have that on my wall!! i could probably have that as my wall.
  8. Nines!@TheDisco


    woops, all clear now. oh, nothing personal KG, its more of a regional thing. LV in britain is kinda like burberry, JUST DUN DO IT!! just go down to a department store and look for some bags there JJ. and i'm a mix person... i like both labels and non labels. Altho, i do feel like with labels you're getting a bit more quality. Mine have tended to last longer, or maybe thats because I dont use them as often. some things, i would only buy branded ones, like make up.
  9. Nines!@TheDisco


    Unless you're planning to move out of the country JJ, stay clear of LV. thats my good deed for the day.
  10. Nines!@TheDisco


    Its totally ok to discuss recipes on a gaming forum but handbags are just one step too far missy!! KG DON'T THEY TEACH YOU THIS STUFF AT SCHOOL?
  11. Nines!@TheDisco

    New Tag

    <3 <3 <3 "you wanna park your truck on my mothers face??" Its all about when that turkey hits roger's head
  12. Nines!@TheDisco

    The Happy Birthday thread

    2008 - the year of the susie happy birthday m8 this susie is going to be FULL of susie, so watch out for a susie coming soon, near susie. p.s. mari also sends her susies to susie. susie. -_-
  13. Nines!@TheDisco

    Post Your Picture

    Yes, long hair on a guy is height of fashion right about now.
  14. Nines!@TheDisco

    Fat vs Thin

    no no, i said phat team not the fat team.
  15. Nines!@TheDisco

    Fat vs Thin

    sign me up for the Phat team