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  1. bogman

    Nolf 3 wish

    I'm pretty sure it did with CPU grunts. The SALP always killed, yes, but was never availible in multiplayer so that doesn't count.
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  3. About 30 minutes a day. I don't have a clue how much our internet bills cost, though. All I know is that we pay a fixed monthly fee and that it is between £12-£30. I have no idea how much that is in Euros.
  4. bogman

    Nolf 3 wish

    But didn't the NOLF1 Sniper Rifle automatically kill no matter what too? It's a long time since I last completed that game, however. Anyway, more ideas: In NOLF2 I missed the "Get off the ship/base/whatever because it is going to sink/explode/inplode/whatever" missions from NOLF1. I throughly enjoyed the Aeroplane, Cargo Freiter and HARM Space Station levels in NOLF1. The only one of those sort of levels NOLF2 had was the ending bit of the Underwater Base mission, and I found that one a bit maze-like. NOLF3 needs more of those. More melee weapons. Like a Battleaxe, Kitchen Knife, Dagger (Which can be tipped with poison.) or simply a melee attack system like Halo where you can just use the gun you are wielding to hit your opponent. Less paranoid guards. Look at it this way; if you worked in an office, you wouldn't go "Who's there?" every time you heard footsteps! The FEAR engine!
  5. bogman

    Nolf 3 wish

    Sorry for the bump, but I've only just arrived here at UHQ and I've had some really cool ideas for NOLF3 in the past: The option to play as different characters and each one would have different skills. Bruno would be good at general marksmanship and is a good gunner, but rubbish at stealth. Cate would be just overall balanced. Isako (Since she defected at the end of NOLF1) would be excellent at stealth, but would have sub-standard skills with weapons other than Shruiken, Katanas and a new weapon I've came up with; the smoke bomb. I will come to that in a bit. I've also came up with a few weapons: Bow: Kinda like the Crossbow, except it is GARANTEED to kill no matter where it hits; arm, leg, body, head, wherever, it will certainly kill. The downside is that it takes 15 seconds to reload, and reduces the speed of your movement when wielding it. It cannot use a scope. Smoke Bomb: Throw like a grenade, and it creates a cloud of smoke that lasts for approximately 20 seconds. Enemies cannot see into it, so it allows you to sneak through undetected. It also creates a nice distraction. Corrector: 'Nuff said. I missed it in NOLF2. More to come tommorow. I have to go right now.