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  1. Moody

    Are you still alive?

    Yes i was around ALOT lol..made some good friends through this game unfortunately some are gone and lost contact to...good times back in the days ?
  2. Moody

    Are you still alive?

    Jill i remember you? you were a great player wish it was possible to play one more game with the old crew? jeez how many years has it been? Feeling old....i started playing when i was around 20 years old now im almost 40 time really fly...
  3. Moody

    Are you still alive?

    Im impressed that you keep it going even though not many people seem to be around. Good job??
  4. Hello there been many many years since i was here Maybe some remember me. Are you still playing this amazing game?? Would be awesome to hear about it after all these years...ohh how i miss the good old days with the clans and the matches and all the people many of us became like a little family! :)) Hope to hear from someone out there!! Greetings, Moody
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