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  1. Moody

    New to UnityHQ? Say hello here!

    Omg Hugo!! Well i guess i could dust my old PC and give it a try! Didnt play any other PC game after nolf 2 actually. Is there any other game you play? I have a PS4 so when i play thats where i am...would be awesome to play with you ppl again sometime.
  2. Hey boys and u still play? I heard à rumor about à nolf 2 remake. Is that true? I would be the first to buy that game.... Nice to see someones still here
  3. Moody

    New to UnityHQ? Say hello here!

    Hey all! I did not play this game for so many years so i wonder does anybody even remember me? Lol. Still any old timers around?? Would be awesome to play with that crew again
  4. Moody

    Rest in peace my friend

    R.I.P Natter You will truly be missed by many. Can't believe this is true..I think you were a great person and a great player. One of the old crew that i first met here. This is really sad...
  5. Moody

    What you been up to?

    I am finally back in Sweden..........Looove to be home again. See you soon in the servers
  6. Moody

    The Happy Birthday thread

    Thx Natter
  7. Moody


    How much would you pay for it?
  8. Moody

    What you been up to?

    Work work and more work I am honestly too exhausted to even be on the computer in the evenings these days...^^ Me and my fiance is taking a 1 month vacation to Thailand Nov 16...Coming home right before christmas. Hopefully Bangkok where we'll land wont be too flooded at that time. So while you guys shoot each other i'll be getting a tan exploring this beautiful country Hopefully avoiding getting killed by poisonous snakes and escaped crocs
  9. Moody


  10. Moody


    Which map comes after judgement in japan? I was kicked out saying unable to load world resources
  11. Moody

    The Happy Birthday thread

    Happy Birthday
  12. Moody

    Server outage

    5. Its working again....Didnt change anything
  13. Moody

    Server outage

    Yup i have that one downloaded too and played it few days ago...Still that msg
  14. Moody

    Server outage

    Keep getting unable to load world resources msg when i try to join......Got all maps as far as i know