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  1. R.I.P Natter You will truly be missed by many. Can't believe this is true..I think you were a great person and a great player. One of the old crew that i first met here. This is really sad...
  2. Moody


    Which map comes after judgement in japan? I was kicked out saying unable to load world resources
  3. 5. Its working again....Didnt change anything
  4. Yup i have that one downloaded too and played it few days ago...Still that msg
  5. Keep getting unable to load world resources msg when i try to join......Got all maps as far as i know
  6. lol maybe we can finally sort it out now
  7. Sure but war and death only causes even more war and more death. It's good that Bin Ladin was neutralized but no one is really victorious in this mess. More bombs will fall, more innocent will be killed and more cars, buses, planes and so on will blow up when and where you least expect it. Cause you can't kill them all no matter how hard you try. :/
  8. About time. Not that the world is gonna be a safer place now (like Obama said) cause theres always more ppl like Usama. Still good though....Hope he suffered a lot
  9. Moody

    It's working!

    Kl 20 - 21 är det normalt nån som spelar. I should get myself into the server too. Didn't play for ages now Sorry, just been busy.
  10. NOLF 3 or atleast a NOLF 2 remake would be perfect. Im sick of those COD and BF lookalike series....
  11. Moody

    A Match comes up

    I guess its the server or the hosts fault that you're spanish too? Bitter is an understatement
  12. Moody

    A Match comes up

    Cool, i'll try to be there