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  1. Can you read and speak english? That's the exact reason I'm asking you if you think he is wallhacking. You showed us the video. The only way you were able to hit the mime (in your video) was because you knew he was there. From then you could "guestimate" where he was inside the building. My question to anyone is how does he know someone is on the other side? So I guess [WHC] Gangsta was just hiding out the in shack, waiting for someone to come in. Then he thinks to himself, "Hey, let me shoot through the paperwall even though I have no reason to think anyone is on the other side." Denial ain't just a river in Egypt, baby.
  2. So do you or do you not think he was wallhacking? You and one of the mimes put together that Nolf 2 video. I still don't understand how someone is supposed to use your "tactics" that you established in your video. I completely believe that you can shoot through the paper walls, but what is the point when you don't know if someone is there? In order for you to be able to shoot through the paper walls with purpose, you would have to know that someone is there. In this case, he wasn't spread-shooting, he had pinpoint accuracy. He looked, aimed, and fired.
  3. n0lf v1g1lant3 strikes again!!
  4. Again, if all servers were to be changed to run the anti-fix mod, then how would I still be able to hack IF I even was a wallhacker. You're not making much sense. Why are you so defensive? I am trying to make Nolf 2 and the servers cheat-free. Fine, let's say that I am wrong about Mausi and Pixel1st. Even if I am wrong about them and it resulted in the running of anti-cheat servers, will running the anti-cheat fix cause you that much harm? I am not even campaigning for the banning of individuals. If the anti-cheat servers were installed, then no one would have to be banned seeing as how no wallhacking would occur. Since certain individuals absolutely loathe the idea of having a cheat-free environment, I guess banning is the only other alternative. Edit: SAssER, I was not offended by your post and I did not mean for it to come off in a negative way. My only intention was to clarify the reasoning behind it.
  5. I understand this perfectly well, SAssER. However, I think I talked about this certain point somewhere previously in this thread. If I were a wallhacker myself, why would I post videos of other people wallhacking? This would only push server admins to stop wallhackers, pretty much shooting myself in the foot and stopping my wallhacking days forever. Doesn't make much sense why I'm trying to stop wallhacking if I were really a wallhacker.
  6. I would like to address the post made over at Phantizen's clan's forums by a "n0lf v1g3lant3" Well, first off I would like to point out that this is not the same person as the one writing this post right now. You may have noticed how the usernames are different, not to mention the website that the file was hosted on. Secondly, I guess this shows how people are still using hacks in the game. This might not be wallhacking, but speedhacking should still be a bannable offense. I can not post the original link to the video since it contained profanity filtered by the forums here, changing part of the link. http://kram-hochladen.de/files/2006602/0.4...unspeed*uck.wmv is the altered link. Replace the "*" with a certain letter and that will give you the original link. I guess I should be flattered that someone out there wants to be me?
  7. I hope to get Mausi and all of the other cheaters banned from the game. Simple as that. |U| Phantizen: I wish I could record a map for the entire duration, but that would result in a HUGE file.
  8. I can understand where you are coming from, Neo. However, I NEVER move just so that my character does not create any sound at all, so you can't say that this person 'heard' me moving around. In the first clip, how could the person even have seen me in the first place, thus allowing them to "pretend not to see me." The metal back of the shelf is covering the entire doorway, effectively obscuring my position. The person jumps onto the ladder, facing directly at me and STOPS, comes back up and shoots a explosive bolt my way. In the second clip, in the far left of the screen, you can see Mausi kill Vorlon somewhere inside the base. This rules out the fact that he/she saw me go in the box. We can deduce that it is Mausi since it shows someone killing another someone and the only kill that is recorded is "Mausi killed Vorlon." Mausi doesn't even enter the box. Mausi kills me, then walks up the stairs momentarily. If he/she honestly wanted to grab the Kitty, then wouldn't it make sense that they enter the box, stumble upon my position, and then kill me? In the third clip I’m not completely sure what you meant by the player escaping the tag/rocket explosion. I completely get that it’s very easy to play in an anti-cheat server. And while I would like to play in one, I don’t enjoy playing by myself in an empty server. The whole "give me a screenshot and it will clear your name" is bogus. With a few keystrokes the Multi-hack can be turned OFF and presto! You've got a screenshot with no evidence of wallhacking.
  9. Thank you for your opinion, suglylinni. 1) In the first map the player stops halfway down the ladder, waits for a brief moment, and then comes and attacks. From that angle (behind the wall) how could he/she possibly have seen me? The wall is clearly in the way. I would not be able to see him/her without having the wallhack on. How would he/she be able to see me if he/she didn't have the wallhack on? 2) Not many players pass by this box. Only a few players have really adjusted to using the explosive bolts and can kill people from the lower level. Most of the fighting goes on inside the bases or on the catwalks. Mausi comes at the box already facing my direction shooting. 3) Anyone can see that I was killed in the first clip. Why would he/she assume that I was hiding in the vent? Wouldn't he/she assume I was hiding in the same spot? Do you personally check every place you made a kill in each map in case that person has returned? The player is using a silenced MSG, and begins shooting before you can actually hear the discharge.
  10. I would like to poll the Nolf 2 community and ask whether or not they believe this person is a wallhacker. Please post your comments/opinions. Mausi Thank you.
  11. No, what is laughable and poor is that people constantly 'accuse' people of wallhacking with no definitive proof. I believe this IS the definitive proof people have been looking for. Basicly, you are condoning wallhacking in ANY public server, but then playing with the DXFix during clan matches. What sense does that make? I can level with you that it is stupid and whoever does wallhack is an embarrassment to the community, but how will we all know who's doing it and who's playing fair? Many of the players that are thought to be one of the best could be a wallhacker. Many players show up one day, and magically gain skills the next day.
  12. To suglylinni: Sure, there's the possibilty in what you said, but what would I gain from it? I WANT the DXFix servers to be implemented. Why would I post these videos showing cheaters if I am a wallhacker myself? Obviously it doesn't benefit me to "out" these cheaters. Secondly, even if I "framed" these people, then the server admins should just ban the IP behind the name. Problem solved. To Slyguy: I've been around the Nolf2 scene for a while. Yes, in that video I was playing under 'Super Mario'. It would kind of defeat the purpose of catching these wallhackers if I joined a game under "n0lf v1g1lant3", wouldn't you say? My point in posting my videos and publicly announcing the fact that I am out to catch cheaters is an attempt for those smart enough, not to take the risk of using the wallhack, because they will never know who is really in the server with them.
  13. I am glad to see people realize that there is an existing wallhacking problem in our small Nolf2 community. However, I surely hope no one believes this is one isolated case. There are many players, some you may even know and truly believe do not wallhack, but in reality are one of the most frequent wallhackers out there. I have many other small clips, but I do not possess all the time in the world to monitor every server 24/7. Another problem that arises is that certain players are more *skilled* wallhackers (for lack of a better word). They do not act so obvious in their playing. They do not hone in on your position and track you down, yet they have the fortunate luck to know where you always are. Instead of killing you head on, they'll take the back way around, pretend like they dont see you, and "stumble" upon your position. As I stated before, I do not have all the time to track down people. I also do not play with the wallhack on all the time. When I realize and become suspiscious of certain players, I investigate. When other people's suspicion arise, they ask me to keep an eye on a certain individual. I am posting this video in order to deter current wallhackers from using the hack. Hopefully they will realize that they are not safe, seeing as how they will not know who is in a server with them. I still suggest the DXFix be run on ALL Nolf2 servers in order to prevent anything like this from happening, or even being speculated, again.
  14. KH I hope the server admins will do something about the prevalent "wallhacking" problems present in their servers. Consider this a push for the 'DXFix' servers to be run on all NOLF 2 servers. I hope everyone understands that in order to see people who were using the hack, I myself had to have it on in order to see how they were honing in on my location. Many people don't believe for a second that people use the Nolf2 Multihack, I hope this changes your view of the current situation.