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  1. StukTVfan

    Better Red Than Dead

  2. I like the games but I want more chapters because in NOLF 1. They have lot of missions and in NOLF 2 only 15 chapters and 7 chapters for contract JACK. I Know there is already a Chapter 16. It's called The Grow Op. I like that mission.
  3. gaming

    1. StukTVfan


      Only came here to download the "better red than dead" mod. I've played that years ago (I think) I downloaded all those from a site full of NOLF mods. It was called The site that shall not be named or something. And now I still can't download it.

    2. Eliteone


      Once a post has been made on the forum the downloads section will then allow downloads.

  4. Welcome to the forums StukTVfan :)