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  1. fireFOX

    Guys vs Gals '2'

    sign me up for the boys pls! but its possible that i am not able to play...we ve to see.
  2. sign me up if there s a lttle bit space for a burning fox
  3. fireFOX

    It's just NOLF!

    QUOTE(eliteone @ Jul 8 2006, 08:20 PM) I'll quote the unityhq server rules "Do not take advantage of map flaws. Avoid restricted areas that the mapmaker did not intend for you to venture into during games. This includes shooting through walls" But if the walls are made of wood or of paper the mapmakers wanted to give the players the possibility to shoot through this walls! that isn t a flaw, a buck or anything like it should be allowed to use this advantage even if it s a little bit unfair.
  4. i ve the suspicion that there are many cheaters, who are playing nolf. and some of them are guys who were playing nolf a long time (i don t want to call names). but it s clear that nobody cares about cheating or do sth. against it. everybody is just looking around and waiting that something happens... and this is my roll call to everybody: don t use hacks or something like this to be as good as other players. work on your style! to the known or unknown cheaters: cheating is abject. keep this in mind! and don t cheat to get one over on so. this really sucks. now to bella and co.. maybe you should care about cheaters. and pls don t say: It doesn t matter if sb. is cheating (or sth. like this). it s your server and you have to care about it (and about cheaters as well). pls be so fair and don t cheat! everyone who is against cheating...pls post your opinion in this thread.
  5. sign me up! (for the youngsters) btw, check out the "change username??"-thread