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  1. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1598858095/system-shock Kickstarter for the reboot started like, a couple days ago? Yesterday? They're over halfway to their goal already. If you've ever wanted to spend 350 dollars to see your own dead body in a video game, now is your chance. I didn't play the original System Shocks but no doubt some of you geezers here have. I know playing system shock is like a pilgrimage all gamers must take, so I'm looking forward to the reboot. At this point I trust this studio with my life and I'm really hoping this is a success so the studio has a high profile release under its belt and may perhaps have more negotiation pull when they ultimately go fight Warner Bros for the NOLF copyrights again. (I know that sounds like a delusional pipe dream and I don't care.)
  2. I've been playing this and I got to around 90% story completion when a BSOD took out my save file, and Origin's cloud saves failed me. But luckily the gameplay is fun enough that I don't mind replaying up to that point. I admit I didn't have high hopes for this game, I kinda dreaded that the uniqueness of the first game would get lost or muddled after years and going through a reboot, but it turned out pretty dang good. (Besides the goddamn blue screens and stuttering framerates). For once I am eagerly awaiting news of DLC. This game's music is also excellent. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qzq_fsLdsmw