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  1. It is with great joy but also a tad of sadness that I present to you the last part of my 'No One Lives Forever' rescore - The big finale! The soundtracks is already in the works. I'll keep you updated
  2. Action! Payday! Bye bye Volkov! All in part 14 - enjoy
  3. And here goes part 13! Trouble with the Baroness and Armstrong is walloped by a wee lass
  4. Thank you Larry! I agree btw: I'd prefer NOLF over every modern game. I think the weak graphics are also perk - it's just more stylish than ultra realistic stuff...
  5. It is NOLF weekend! Here's the next part of the rescore - going to Germany. All the best, Yannick 'GoldenZen'
  6. And here we go with part 10 - painful memories and some vital intel! Cheers
  7. Cheers Larry, thanks for the support Meanwhile, here's a track from the upcoming album called 'Das einsame Valkyrie'
  8. Dear NOLF-community, due to quite a row of work I was not able to continue the rescore series in a bit. Now it's gone a bit quieter again, and here's rescore part 9: Best wishes, Yannick
  9. Thanks a lot Larry! I can't wait to release the Album. All the best, Yannick
  10. Cheers Larry A submarine, a dangerous enemy disguised as a puppet and Cate Archer in the middle of all that. Here's part 8: Sincerely, Yannick 'GoldenZen'
  11. Hi guys, finally! Part 7. I had some commercial projects to take care of first, that's why it's been a while. Enjoy
  12. Hi Larry! Thanks for your kind support! There'll be an online release of the album once the whole rescore is done. It'll be available via loudr, iTunes etc. you name it All the best
  13. Germany! Nightclub! Action! Here's part 6 of my rescore.
  14. A new face in the game! Here's part 5