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  1. status update = fixed. *tf2 engineers voice* wooohyee! makin bacon! thanks partner!
  2. Sorry for my late answer. I am busy with an internship at a industrial RC company. I will try it out right now. Thanks for letting me know!
  3. I re installed and patched nolf v1.0004 on my windows 7 - 64 bit system. But i have a small technical problem that i used to have before. The dialogue in the cut scenes are being interrupted. The dialogue is literally being cut off. Is there an existing fix for this problem? because i really can't find any plausible fixes on google or here. Thanks in advance.
  4. Ah! ok, i did got the spyvision to work again indeed. sometimes i can still fly when i do not have a jetpack, so i thought already had one etc. scopes were pretty stubborn. but spawning a jetpack worked like a charm.
  5. i will install the mod, i haven't installed it, Is that the same cause for the F1-12 keys?
  6. update: i have tried the version 1.3 here first, did no changes to the circumstances, as well for the no cd (launcher*edit*). I have tried to put the update v1.3.rez in the command line, it did make the game start up but it failed to load the mod models and functions properly. After downloading the multiplayer mod from the server, i launched the game successfully and even played/fooled around a little with the mod. BUT! i can not seem to load the 3rd person, screenshot and other F bound keys! what about this? when i press shift + F9 i just get the reload menu, the quick reload. Also, the spyview seemed to fail at the second level in Siberia after spawning the jet pack.
  7. Well, my recent post contained valuable information, and i am not allowed to express my confusion/frustration? pfff >.< pointing me towards such behavior is not going to help me either. giving me information about for example the multiplayer mod does, because it contains valuable information, probably not for the version, because i was getting a invalid cshell.dll message (wrong version 1.3 patch i would guess) but ok, i will look for other v1.3 patches, multiplayer mod (for the dll's launching another way) and other no cd launchers. i think in my gamesdll.rez might be a wrong version of the required cshell.dll? so i need to find a proper packed one i suppose, plus different no cd launchers. and or just the dll's in the correct directories including the one for cshell.dll. i would guess you have some downloads for this. and i will scout the internet throughout for solutions. (tip: a read me in the download will be appreciated, this prevents guys like me complaining and asking for help. because it immediately provides information on how to fix common problems and checkpoints for a mod to work! of course this is old, so you guys don't get ppl like me everyday. but it will still help out a lot for people who do come in at a recent date. because i guess, i am not the only one.) *edit* and try the compatibility mode (didn't include that one OOPS)
  8. what would be a proper no cd launcher? because i have version 1.3 retail. (fixed the other dll problems! read my recent post!)
  9. ah, silly me, i run windows 7 (should have mentioned that!)
  10. update: i suddenly noticed a gamesdll.rez, i have been putting this in the options commandline: -lithtech.exe -rez GAMEDLL.REZ. it fixed the dll errors, but it says now: Invalid cshell.dll. damned >.< how can i fix this particular problem?
  11. It worked fine, after i had downloaded the mod and installed it into the game folder (which i expected to not create any trouble). How could it be that it did function without the mod? but after the activation in the custom menu, it is ruined?! I even had less trouble to get broken morrowind or oblivion mods to work but this is just extremely weird. i'll just repeat the .dll errors i got: The program can not start because libcurl.dll is missing on your pc. you can probably fix this problem by reinstalling the software. (nope it worked just fine before!) Missing shell DLL cshell.dll ( after this message i downloaded a libcurl.dll, and i downloaded a cshell.dll to see if it would be fixed. the error of libcurl.dll was fixed, then i got this message ) The program can not start because LIBEAY32.dll is missing on your pc. you can probably fix this problem by reinstalling the software. (nope, worked before the mod, again) Missing shell DLL cshell.dll (after this i downloaded a .dll for the LIBEAY32.dll, and i didn't quite get the cshell.dll (wrong directory? or just wrong version?) then i got this error message) Can not find ordinal 4445 in dll file LIBEAY32.dll ( i suppose it was a manually adapted .dll for the game, so i gave up and decided to ask help on the forums, so here i am. *WARNING: the errors occurred after ticking the box of the mod in the start menu of the game in custom activation menu. when i un-tick the box, the game runs just fine! WTTFFFFFFF!?)
  12. I have downloaded this weapon mod 5b, after installing the mod and enabled it in custom it just refused to launch. I get a bunch of dll errors. cshell.dll LIBEYA32.dll libcurl.dll WTF!? i have a version 1.3 from a torrent download, no cd patched. anyone can help me out with this? i am kind of pissed i suddenly can not play the game anymore just because of a mod who misses dll's
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    i hope i can download a file now >.< want to have the weapon mod.
  14. Welcome to the forums longojing :)

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