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  1. I donwloaded the file and it began installing the patch but it suddenly closed. I thought it may had finished the installation and tried to play NOLF2 but it still ask for the cd. Ran it again and the same result. Any idea of what had happened? Thank you
  2. Hey, thank you for answering so fast. But will it work with my 1.3 version, because I saw it was 1.00
  3. Hi Mates, sorry for reviving this thread. I´ve been looking for a V1.3 no cd that actually works. I´ve played V1.0 without issues using the no cd crack ( wont risk my cds ). Anyways, I got a new laptop with windows 8 and after multiple headaches with the sound issued I patched the v1.3 no cd and it wont work anymore. I´ve installed and uninstalled the game several times, but can´t get both features working together. So I was wondering if you could help me with my issue. Thank you.
  4. Welcome to the forums DarkstalkerLord :)