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  3. Eliteone said: Thanks, I hate to say I'm already playing on easy though and have become somewhat of a damage sponge. My ego shooter skills have become quite rusty the past few years to say the least. It probably doesn't help matters that the other shooters I 've played through in the last months are of the 'run-and-gun' variety. I am improving though, finally making an effort to score head shots during combat just today. Things are much smoother now to say the least. CoLdOwN, on 06 Feb 2014 - 6:05 PM, said: Hmm, now that was embarrassing. I didn't see the word save on the main menu and got it into my head that saving mid-map was impossible, not sure why I thought that really as all previous lithtech games have a quick save. It even has a category for saved games on that sub-menu. *turns red* F6 gets the job done, thank you. I did find a mod that turns the cameras off, not sure that I'll use it now that I'm playing in line with the NOLF's dynamic instead of running through the map blasting everything.
  4. Hello again, I wasn't able to find the search function for this site as I can't update flash on my computer. If this is an issue already dealt with in another thread, the mods may want to move this post. Starting a map over after getting 90% of the way through is kinda bumming me out, so I was wondering if there are any mods for this classic title that decrease the difficulty, namely by adding the ability to save game in the middle of a map? Thanks for hearing me out. -Z
  5. INCOMING NECROPOST DETECTED... PLEASE STANDBY FOR NECROPOST... NECROPOSTING IN 3... 2... 1... POST! Hi there NOLF fans! Just felt like adding to this nice thread. There was a free fantasy on-line-only game that came out nearly a decade ago that used a modified lithtech 2.5 engine. I've forgotten the name of said multiplayer game, but it had bumpmapping and a few other niceties tacked on to ye olden pre-jup- lith engine. Not saying it would be easy or even practical, but it has been done. Permission to do so is another matter entirely of course.