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  1. The music in the Super Bowl

    The American Anthem version was really original, but the Half time show with the rolling stones, they are gettin really old! The same for the commercials, only first half time commercials were good The best one anyway was the Fedex one!
  2. NOLF 2 Petition

    What about Florida in 2000 ?
  3. Europe vs USA

    Why only clan member would participe ?? You play DD GD now I would vote USA for this game, It's my country for a year
  4. John F. Kennedy

    The 1st and the 2 last paragraph are form my words as you could guess. I forgot to write about Monroe and I havent read that in the biography book about him for bootleggers. It's just my chapter in history. 18th Amendment, and speakeasies... funny things. Anyway It's for extra credit and I have something like 98 or 97, that's so easy here. Matching, True or False... Doc. Knix teach me more history. The book and the TV things are not interesting enough
  5. John F. Kennedy

    John F. Kennedy (1917 –1963) by Quentin V. What do you think about my biography for US history??
  6. world series

    Chicago White Sox?? Good Home Runs yesterday
  7. Happy Halloween!

    First time of my life Ill do halloween ^^ Ill be guide in a haunted house. People wont get me and will be scary. yeah! I need to buy my halloween clothes. <============== MY LIFE Have fun dudes!!!!!!!
  8. NOLF 3 wishlist

    God, That's why i like NOLF 2/1. No minigum, no c4 ...
  9. NOLF2 Score

    Mine is 678, the screenshot is in france ^^
  10. [WR]'s Closing

    who mocks factor?? himself?
  11. Germany - What happens next?

    Goo I heard you talking about cohabitation... That's different. In france we have a real president and a prime minister who leads the Assemble nationale. So If the president is a right man and the prime minister is a left dude There is a cohabitation. That s way different than German system
  12. my leaving...

    Cocke County High School - Newport - TN French Girls are different & some are pretty too, you never been in france dude you cant know Yours are always making-up
  13. Cloning

    Oops Wrong topic, sorry mod :$
  14. [WR]'s Closing

    Im glad to hear this. Good things happen when/since I go to church.