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  1. Sorry for the late response. Just got home. No I have not. I shall try it now. It works xD. Thanks
  2. I was having trouble with connecting to DM servers so I looked up some threads and tried uninstalling/reinstalling and that made things worse. Now whenever I try running NOLF2 i get this message. Anyone know what to do?
  3. The multiplayer is starting to work my nerve. One second it works the next it goes belly up.

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    2. KingsGlory


      yes. I got it working one night and then the next day I had trouble connecting to DM servers. I tried uninstalling then reinstalling and that made things worse. Now I cant even start the game.


    3. Eliteone


      Make a post in the appropriate tech support section with any screenshots etc of any error messages so we can help you with this :)

    4. KingsGlory
  4. This site. So extra!

  5. Welcome to the forums KingsGlory :)