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  1. I seem to have weird frame rate drops whenever I zoom in with a sniper rifle, or press the switch function keys. I've installed the Stutter/Frame Rate fix, but it hasn't solved the issue. Any one know how to resolve it?
  2. I typically run my sound via USB through my keyboard -- would it be better to use my motherboard's on board sound?
  3. Unless there's a 1.3 patcher I missed beyond the registry file, that should be the version I'm running -- I downloaded the 1.3 from the site, and ran it, is there a way to check the version in the game?
  4. It made no noticeable difference, still missing the cutscene and dialogue audio -- I also tried restarting it to see if maybe it needed a restart for the "low" change to take effect, but it sadly was not the case.
  5. Included both the Advanced Options before you start the game up and the actual sound menu
  6. Hi -- I'm having an issue where pretty much the only sound that works is the music, none of the dialogue, none of the cutscenes have any sound at all. I'm running the game on Windows 7 64 bit, but have already tried several steps to fix it, none of which seemed to have worked I've reinstalled the game several times; both in program files and in it's own folder on my drive -- I've tried the 1.3 patch, running everything as administrator & running it in compatibility mode. Nothing seems to have had any success; was hoping someone whose already fixed the problem could perhaps give me some more insight into where I might be making mistakes. Thanks, Rabidclam.
  7. Welcome to the forums rabidclam :)