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  1. Mys7ical Guru

    Last Minute Nolf Reunion

  2. Mys7ical Guru


    DON'T LET NOLF2 DIE!.... YET! Looks inevitable at this point I guess... I still put in my two cents though ... even though I don't play much anymore... I'm pretty sure this is the game that got me into gaming... *sigh*
  3. Mys7ical Guru

    NOLF2, Now broadcasting in...

    Hate you.
  4. Mys7ical Guru

    Video January-February 2008

    Crickets... Very nice
  5. Mys7ical Guru

    New Tag

    And it probably doesn't help that the show ended almost 10 years ago .
  6. Mys7ical Guru

    New Tag

  7. Mys7ical Guru

    New Tag

    Hey Mr. 10 ping .
  8. Mys7ical Guru

    New Tag

    Indeed .
  9. Mys7ical Guru

    NOLF promo videos?

    Sounds like a weekend project to me . Perhaps a Romeo and Juliet based storyline... That ends with cyanide... or grenades... .
  10. Mys7ical Guru

    New music stuff!

    The Indian side of me agrees with you... However, the American side of me is fascinated by the "Jimmy" video .
  11. No, I clicked all the servers and checked if there were people in them the first time... Maybe it's a problem only for European players? (I don't know where all of you are from )
  12. Oh... Well either way, it works fine for me
  13. I didn't see anyone in DD, but it said DM had 4 players without having to click the server...
  14. Everything works fine for me...
  15. Mys7ical Guru

    nolf2 video - bn final

    Well the point of the thread wasn't about any video. Sly made it to show his video. Posting a link to the new video wasn't hijacking the thread. People commenting on the new video was hijacking the thread. But I digress.