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  1. That did the trick. Funny, I had used the "no CD" download with the files from the original CD, and that didn't work. Not sure what the difference is between the files you guys have and those on the original CD, but that's what made the difference. Didn't need to run it under compatibility mode either - just disabled the hardware sound option. Seems to be running without a hitch, music and all. Thanks for your help - that's one of my favorite games.
  2. Which files should I download and install? The files from the CDs, or the "noCD" version? Should I patch up to v1.3?
  3. I tried disabling the pretty much all the Norton services including AV, but no change.
  4. yes, I used a few patches, but I think the v1.3 is the most recent - I also added the map pack
  5. I tried excluding the folder from AV protection - no change. I looked in the event viewer - don't have much experience using that, but I couldn't find anything on lithtech.exe, under any heading. On the task manager, lithtech.exe *32 shows up after I run NOLF2, and simply hangs - NOLF2 rapidly disappears from the "applications" section of the task manager, but the lithtech.exe continues to show up under "processes."
  6. Bummer about XP mode - thought I figured a way out..! Running Win 7 Ultimate; Norton 360 anti-virus Tried clean install from original CDs, and then patched to v1.3
  7. No error - simply does nothing. I'm trying XP mode - the problem I'm having there is that it tells me that directx 8 needs to be installed. I actually installed it from within XP mode, and dxdiag shows that v9 is installed, but the game won't launch because it thinks directx hasn't been installed. Any suggestions, on either way of trying to get this to work? I'd prefer just doing it through Win7, but that has been a non-starter.
  8. I am trying to get NOLF2 to work with Win7x64 as well - no dice, despite trying all the tips I could find. It's installed and patched, but when I go to run it, I only get as far as the screen to choose low, medium, or high detail. Once I do that, it fails to load further. I thought I'd try XP mode - anyone try that successfully? I did the install there, but it doesn't recognize that I have the CD in the drive. ? try the "no-CD" version? Thoughts?
  9. Welcome to the forums jrubel :)

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      I'm hoping I can finally get this game to work!