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  1. Hello all, I was able to copy my installed files from my old 32-bit system to my new 64-bit one and get it to work, but have been unable to make a backup copy of my original game CD's that work. (I want to let me son play it, but as he is young want to make sure my original CD's don't get destroyed accidently). First I tried copying all the CD files to a hard drive folder, and then re-writing them to a new CD with the identical label as the original CD. When the game starts, it simply won't use this CD and asks for the correct CD to be put in... I tried this process a couple of times, and the copy CD looks identical in content to the original - it just won't work... Next I tried making a track by track image of the original CD, to burn onto a new CD. Even though my original CD is in perfect shape (with no errors reading any of the original files on it and able to run the game fine), the imaging utility reports numerous errors reading particular sectors - and won't make a copy that is usable. I wondered if the original (GOTY edition) CD had intentional bad sectors on it, as a copy protection mechanism or something? In the download section here, I see that there is a downloadable zip file available of all the CD contents, but don't know why burning a CD from that would be any different than my first attempt to make a backup CD described in the second paragraph? (In my attempt, all the files were read and written with no errors at all - but then the CD just didn't work). So how can I make a backup copy of my NOLF discs that will work? I'd love to apply a "no CD" crack, and found one that supposedly works - but it isn't compatible with a 64-bit Windows system. Didn't see any 64-bit version anywhere in the download section here, but if there was - that may be an even better option. Thanks for any information!