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  1. I've tried downloading the latest versions of NOLF 1 and 2 from this site, "nolfrevival.tz", and "gamesnostalgia.com" - but can't get NOLF1 to work most of the time on my Windows 10 system, even though occassionally I can get it to work (maybe 1 out of a hundred tries) before it never works again. (NOLF2 works fine, with no particular issues at all). The launcher always works o.k. and allows me to set my native screen resolution. I've run it through all the Windows compatibility settings (trying to run it as if under XP, Win-98, etc.), tried setting the executables to run as administrator, and even re-booted my system to make sure nothing is hanging around in the background - but still can't get the game to work virtually all of the time. On the rare occassions where I do a fresh install and diddle things enough to randomly get it to actually get past the launcher (which is not a given, many times it simply won't work even after a new, fresh install), I can play forever - until I eventually save and exit the game. After that trying to re-start it again (from the launcher) puts up a very small, blank screen window for anywhere from a few seconds to "forever" and the game never takes off - ever. I'm rather baffled by the inconsistency of how NOLF1 can occassionally be made to work correctly "once", but then will never function correctly after that until a new install is done - aren't computers supposed to be deterministic? My Win-10 Pro system (latest maintenance and AMD video drivers) has a 6 core (12 thread) i7-5820k processor, 32GB of memory, an RX-480 (8GB model), and a 1920x1080 screen resolution. No issues running any of the other hundreds of games I have off Steam, Epic, Origin, or GOG. After buring physical copies of the CD's, I tried to run the setup program from them - but it kept dropping out thinking the game was already installed (even after I'd erased the containing directory), presumably because of something it saw in the registry? I never see NOLF show up in the Windows "Programs and Features" menu, so can't delete it from there to clean up the registry either. So far I have not tried manually changing (to what?) any of the NOLF registry entries or deleting its registry entries entirely. Has anyone seen similar behavior with NOLF1 pretty much not running under Windows 10 and have any thoughts or suggestions as to how I may be able to get it working consistently? Thanks for any help you can provide!
  2. I tried to download this "NGotydisc2.iso" file a couple of times, but each time the download ends leaving a 586MB ISO file - not a 619MB file as described in the web site description. My ISO burner software reports that the 586MB ISO file "isn't valid", so no physical disc can be created from it. I had no trouble performing the same procedure (and burning a physical disc) for disc 1, so I can only presume that the stored file on the server may have been corrupted? I am downloading from a super reliable, high speed Internet connection - so I'm very sure any data corruption isn't occurring during the download itself. Could someone please check on the integrity of this file and correct it on the server if possible? Thank you!
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