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  1. Actually, being a sign maker myself, I would place the blame on the sign company who designed it. I can just about guarantee that the fast food place didn't pick Cate to put on there. Most business just tell the sign company to "make it look good" and give them free reign on the design.
  2. Yeah, they are still around. We got absolutely embarrassed by them a couple months ago. It's a day I'd rather forget about.
  3. yeah, you guys do rock at it... have you guys been ticked off by alice yet? If not, go give it a shot. It's pretty interesting.
  4. if you want, go to (i haven't been there in a while)
  5. it would probably be best for me to post the types of artists i like, so here goes: Cake, Evanescense, Metric, Beastie Boys, Chemical Brothers, green day, david bowie, Hum, Deep Forest, Beck, Phish, Poe, The Doors, Daft Punk, Fleetwood Mac, Stone Temple Pilots, Veruca Salt, Smashing Pumpkins, Coldplay, Local H, Our Lady Peace and a bunch of others. I also have quite a few gigs of techno, including progressive house (my favorite) Breakbeats, and some trance, but not so much of that (memories of crazy nights I'd rather forget about).
  6. (JAG)Pity posted this picuture up on the jag forums and I figured i'd share it here.
  7. I bought this movie on the bargain bin. The acting in it is HORRIBLE! it was so bad, it made me laugh at the emotional scenes!!! The special effects are pretty cool, and the story had potential, but they totally cast the wrong people to play the roles. I say, go ahead and rent it, because you will be wasting shelf space if you purchase it.
  8. a good way to not have to worry about malicious sites messing up your computer is by getting Spybot Seach and Destroy. This program keeps an updated list of such sites and "immunizes" your computer from ever visiting these sites.
  9. I used to have a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz sound card which didn't work with nolf1, despite every driver I tried with it. I don't recommend this sound card.
  10. I like the ct-140, as I love the zap darts, as the sound ppl make when you shoot them with it is absolutely hilarious, and it's a challenge to get them with it.
  11. Awesome job you guys are doing, and I'm seeing that it is rapidly becoming popular!
  12. Radio is back up and running. You can register on the forum, play arcade type games, chat with Alice, the chatbot, and if you feel you want to, you can apply to be a dj. enjoy!
  13. It seems as if the remote shoutcast server crashes a lot, and requires maintenance quite frequently to work smoothly. Candy-Man is a JAG member who is the owner of nolfradio, and he is a very busy person, so I have stepped up to the plate to help him out with it. More info on how it works: It is run by shoutcast using the winamp plugin. Essentially, you connect to the shoutcast server by using the plugin in winamp. Make a playlist of your favorite music, press play, and you are up and running, streaming your music over the internet to whomever wishes to tune in. I play a variety of music genres. I like just about everything but jazz, classical, country, punk, and thrash metal.
  14. Go to the blackangel software site. (don't have the url on hand, sorry). They just released a very simple map pack maker if you don't wish to use the NG map pack sauron made. It merges .rez files and lets you name the resulting .rez file whatever you wish as long as you don't put in spaces in the filename. You can also get this file at Clan-World
  15. Check out It's a side project of Candy-Man, a JAG member.