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  1. Genesis: It was me and septa who were $oE, and we decided it was pointless to even attempt to start up a new clan with the dwindling numbers of new players, so we both decided to move on to something else together. At this point in the life of the game, concentration should be on maintaining existing clans.
  2. thx bella, I don't really plan on leaving the friends I made behind, I just am not going to play the nolf games anymore. I may return one day, but I don't really see that happening.
  3. all the more reason to love it! I'm not big into fps games that you have to coordinate attacks and rely on everyone else to back you up most of the game. I like going in guns blazing, so I'm not any good at those types of games. sorry, getting off topic here...
  4. I haven't played nolf1 or 2 in close to a month now. I did jump into a server a week ago, but I didn't get the satisfaction out of it as I used to. I have decided that it is time to put all my nolf files on backup disks and uninstall both, freeing up a few gigs of valuable disk space. I plan to formally reunite with the nolf community when fear comes out (and when I get a pc that will run it). I have heard from everyone that has tried the demo, that it's really good, and will totally appeal to former/present nolfers. You guys will likely see a lot less of me till then, but I'll definitely pop in sometimes to keep up on the drama. :wink:
  5. don't forget about xfire. It's not quite as user friendly in the server scanning department, but it did pick up the deathmatch server. click on the gamepad button (circled) and it takes you straight into the server.
  6. Slngsht

    NOLF1 Graphics

    I'd like to see someone come up with DJAmbarama_DM for nolf2..... don't think it's possible though.
  7. methinks that qualifies as unethical. Cool thing you made there though!
  8. (maybe this topic should be split into another thread) To Coty: I have all three games. I personally feel that they dropped the ball with contract jack, as I have played all three. I bought CJ the day it came out because I loved both nolf games so much, and when I beat singleplayer in one night, I was so disappointed. It took me weeks to beat both nolf1 and nolf2. I have felt that they should not have included this game in the series, instead made it its own game, since it is so different, and doesn't follow many traditions of the other nolf games. Yes, it's a good game if you don't put it in the same bracket as nolf1 and nolf2. It does not live up to the other nolf games, and therefore, when it was released, it was held to higher standards in our community, which it did not meet. Therefore, it's understandable how it got the thumbs down by veteran nolfers. I know I felt ripped off, and I formed my opinion on my own. I did not join the online nolf community until about a year and a few months ago, so I had nobody to tell me not to buy the game. I wish someone had. If you scan the web for independent reviews of contract jack, you are hard pressed to find a very positive one. Instead of blaming those in our community for killing CJ, turn your eyes toward the developer for blatently putting out something not up to par. I respect what you have done for our community. I, however, respectfully disagree with you.
  9. i thought pegasus had been released months ago....
  10. I noticed that |PM| is listed... It should be removed, as the clan has been recently disbanded.
  11. Slngsht

    Version 1.05?

    good to hear bella!
  12. Slngsht

    Version 1.05?

    the goty update is included with any recent The site that shall not be named map pack version, so it's acutally redundant to get that, unless you wish to not get the map pack.
  13. ooh ooh, digable planets ARE good! That was the day of good hip hop. Also Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth were good together.
  14. It does not matter if it is a hundred years old. If sierra owns the rights to the game, then it is their choice to tell you how to use the game. You agreed to this upon clicking the install button. Personally, I feel that you are correct about them having squeezed every penny out of it, and now it seems that they may be losing money running this delapidated master server to verify these codes. It should be time for them to open it up for free now.
  15. I'm just playing devil's advocate here, but isn't it "morally wrong" to insufficiently support a game that someone has paid you good money for?
  16. do they use the same master server for ALL thier games using this key validation method?
  17. Slngsht

    Csports Update

    you are truly first rate e1! My hat's off to you for this.
  18. try it again. It should work now.
  19. Slngsht

    Version 1.05?

    actually, the v1.005 is a .rez file that you add into your custom folder, and tell the game to load via the advanced/custom button on the pre-load screen, just as you would tell it to load a map pack. Just delete that file, and there's no way for it to load. you will then be at v1.004. It does not alter any registry settings, or change the game's source code unles it is told to load as a custom file.
  20. saw it last night. I think that a LOT of questions I had were answered, but the way Anakin was lured to the dark side by Cidious was a bit weak. Yes, it was much darker feeling. I got emotional when vader (before he got owned by Kanobe) went to the jedi tower and murdered the younglings. That was harsh. (anyone notice when vader said "you are either with us or against us" was a cutdown of bush?) 9/10
  21. I'm sure there is, but the talent is hard to find. My problem is that my only exposure to these genres is on ClearChannel radio stations. Those guys are evil.
  22. yeah, I have mine set up for the sensitivity where it only activates when I practically scream at it. I usually have a LOT of background noise going on.
  23. TUTORIAL ON TEAMSPEAK Hi there! I'm Slngsht, and I'll be your guide today! Today we will be installing and setting up teamspeak for all who are interested in this wonderful tool! First thing you need to do is download and install the client. You can get it here: After you have installed it, when you run the program, you will see the following window: What you need to do now, is click "Connection"/ "Connect" You now see this window (without a server listed) RIGHT click on "servers" in the "Local Addressbook" tab and select "Add Server." Name it whatever you wish Enter in the information exactly as you see in the next picture, but replace "SLngsht" with your assigned nickname in both the "nickname" and "login name" slots. Be sure that you enter it in exactly as it was given to you, as it IS CASE SENSITIVE. Most teamspeak server don't require you to be registered, so you can set up the settings to be unregistered. (this step is only neccessarry if you are a registered user for a teamspeak server) Enter your assigned User Password. You are ready to connect to the Teamspeak server. Press "connect" and you should see the following screen: WAIT! You aren't quite ready just yet. Now, you need to adjust your settings. Click on "Settings"/ "Sound Input/Output Settings." The following is how I have mine set, but you will most likely need to set yours up differently. Just use mine as a basic guideline. Use the "Activate Local Test Mode" button to set it up to the optimal settings. When this is activated, nobody can hear you say "blah blah blah blah, testing one two three" while you get things set up correctly. The green light will light up when the program detects that you are speaking. It should not light up when you are making strong keystrokes, because you may be doing just that while playing a game. Alternatively, you can set it up where you speak only while pushing an assigned button. This isn't as convenient as voice activation, but is more private. Tips for making the usage of Teamspeak enjoyable for you and everyone else: Use headphones, and NEVER USE DESKTOP SPEAKERS!!!!!!!! What happens, is that it causes either bad feedback (which is where your microphone picks up sounds from your speakers, which feeds the signal back to your speakers, back to your microphone, in a continuous loop resulting in a terrible loud whining noise) or everyone connected receives an echo, which can be tolerable for a bit, but very annoying after a while. It is also very difficult to speak when you hear yourself saying the same thing a fraction of a second after you have said it. Moderators or Admins are welcome to add to this, edit it or anything you guys wish to it.