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  1. Hey all!   After YEARS of not playing NOLF, I decided to run through the singleplayer games again.  The difficulties of getting the games to even run on newer hardware and operating systems wasn't surprising, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that Nolfgirl was still around for tips and tricks.   I tried logging in, and remembered my password on the first attempt!  Thank you for keeping things going.   Also, as a thank you for providing the underwater fix, I threw some money in the donation jar.  I recommend that anyone who finds this fix useful for them, please donate as a thank you.

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  2. Is this the same problem you are having? I have taken a couple fraps videos of my problem.


    System: I built it, DFI Lanparty UT NF4 SLI-DR Expert / 1gig dual channel ram / Opteron 165 socket 939 @ 2.6ghz / Sound Blaster X-FI Xtremegamer / Two 7900GT's in SLI / 24" Samsung 245BW everything has latest drivers, not beta drivers. The game works well on my old computer, but I don't have the luxury of having space to run two machines, and I dont want to runhook one and set up the other just to play nolf.


    Video 1: Clicky Clikcy


    Video 2: Clicky Clicky

  3. Sorry to bring up an old topic here, but I felt this may be important to mention. I have tried vista RC1 on my machine and I am impressed with some features, but unimpressed with others.


    Pros: parents, you now have complete control over what your kids do while on the computer. Parental controls included with vista are top notch and completely customizeable. It uses a rating system that websites voluntarily do themselves. However, most websites don't do this and, therefore, don't register with the parental controls. One day, it may be a standard thing, but I kinda doubt it will be widespread, and it will be years before it will be if it ever does.


    DirectX 10. Unsure about this one sofar, due to the fact that there aren't any video cards out there that support it yet and no games built on it. The Geforce 8800 will be released this week, which is directx 10.



    It's bloated. It's slow, even on a smokingly good computer. New statements from M$ recommend 2gb of ram for it to run well. Don't pay attention to the specs that they say are decent! Remember that F.E.A.R. was built to run on Geforce4Ti cards and a 1.7ghz pentium4! I tried this and it ran, but it was unplayable!!! Same goes for the specs for Vista! They woefully underestimate what it will run on!!


    Games: they run 15% slower on vista than they do on XP. Even M$ states this.


    Upgrading your computer? Forget about it. Your very pricey copy of Vista will not transfer to new hardware. This is a big problem IMO.


    I'll be running XP until it is no longer supported, or until they address the problems I mention here.

  4. I think it should include some of cate's background as a criminal coming back to bite her in the butt.... say someone high up in harm being a relative and she is conflicted... (then decisions can be made by the player to determine the outcome of the game)

  5. ***A console for the server that can be logged into by players within the game so-as to be able to enforce server rules


    *** a freezetag multiplayer mode.... It's kind of like tdm, but what happens is when you are frozen by someone shooting you, you freeze where you are killed, then team players come along to unfreeze you by either shooting you with a beam from a distance or standing over you till you melt.

    This is a mod for medal of honor and it is wicked fun.

  6. OOH OOH!!! I had that problem a while back! It turned out to be the driver for the video card. It was wierd, because the sentences would show up randomly if you looked up in the air. Try the latest driver for your card, and if it doesn't clear up, I have an older one I know will work that I can shoot your way.

  7. I think that the democrats who made snide comments for no good reason made all democrats look like idiots during all this. I have no issues with John Roberts, and It disappoints me that some democrats will say "no" just because he was nominated by a republican. Republican talking heads latch onto this and generalize ALL democrats as being this way when it actually is not the case. It also really puts my panties in a bunch that some are ALREADY saying that they will fillabuster the next nominee, even though they don't know who it will be.

  8. Okay, I've done pretty much allll of those things. I still get pop-ups.


    Sounds like a registry problem and not a spyware/adware problem. You should find a registry cleaner program... check out to find some good ones. They also have ratings on that site for the programs. Run this, and you won't only get rid of the popups you have, your system will run faster too.


    I have TuneUp Utilities 2004, and I LOVE it. It will even DEFRAG the registry!

  9. yep, good to hear!


    kind of on topic, I just successfully downgraded to win98 from xp pro on my machine. (set up as a dual boot) and so far, it seems that the latest driver works for my vid card, which is a geforce4ti4200. I have not tried nolf yet, but I'm sure I will soon. The reason I did this is because I have a game I bought a few years ago when I first got xp, and it wouldn't run on it, even in compatibility mode. I have stared at the game on my shelf for that long. I came across a copy of '98 the other day, so I grabbed it up with the sole intention of playing this game. yay! it works!!!

  10. I posted this on the jag forums, and people in europe are getting 0.1's and stuff while people in the states are doing somewhat better.

    I actually am beginning to believe that this isn't a good way to test things. I think there's only one server running the test, and if you have a high ping to that one (mine was 80), of course that will affect your score.

    Now on the other hand, if there was a way to test to the gaming server you are wanting to connect to, that would be a better way to guage things.

  11. I think instead of running for president, Jesus would gather his followers, and start a revolution against the corruption of governments all over the world, the USA included.


    I'd nod my head in pure pleasure when Jesus told bush to his face that he wasn't a very good follower of his teachings and that anyone who followed bush for his "Christian" stance was being duped.