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  1. So many awesome people dropping by the forums lately. Love it! :)

  2. "!"? oO

    Aynways just passin' by to apologize! =)

    And send belated bday wishes again! : )

    I hope you had a great bday. : )

  3. Can we play the medusa game tonight? :)

  4. Muchisimo Gracias, mi preciosa! :D

  5. hmm I thought how to find few of yours lan that are my friend and add them. :D Thx for the tipp. :P

  6. I know. It was easiest to add anyone with SFI in their name using the member search filter. The rest will have to come later on as I run across them. :)

  7. lol you have 90% {SFI} people for friends :D

  8. lol :D true that. :P

  9. Gotta love a gal with a gun.

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