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  1. Well you guys i know it's been a few years but GREAT NEWS, i'm back to toying around with "console commands" mod endlessly again and after reading back through the games weapons.txt file i again I GOT GOOD NEWS. I finally figured out how to enable the games scopes/silencers for weapons by Default. *WEAPONS UPDATES* |--->Now both the P38's Silencer and the Scope for the Delisle rifle are now already atttached when first equipped just as they are in singleplayer making them ideal for stealth missions(Speargun still rules!). The Walther SMG and P38 Pistol can now use the revolver's f
  2. For those of you who may not have yet herd, I am in the middle of finishing development on a (semi-successful so to speak) coop mod for the first "No One Lives Forever" game using a dozen or so console commands and using attribute .txt file edits has bug work-arounds. This all being due to the inability to edit the single-player maps themselves within the game editor other then move them into a multiplayer map list. I must also thank those you who re-uploaded the nolf1 "console mod" for that mod alone makes most of this possible. The only work that myself can take credit for are taking the ti
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