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  1. True......I only meant to point out that least now i can edit the viewmodel for all the weapons and better center certain weapons like the revolver to the middle of the screen for more careful iron-sights like view. Or do what i'm currently doing with the P38 and Hampton SMG and only zoom them out bit more so people can better enjoy both the back end detail and reload animations when using the weapons. Other two-hands like the Delisle Rifle i already have perfectly centered to the middle of the screen and zoomed out to better bring out the arm-rest's detail and bolt-action lever. While other guns like the the Hampton SMG can be zoomed further out to see more of the handle and clip when reloading. Out of all of it i think you'd be suprised how much better and less "chunky" looking the AK47 looks as well with it zoomed out and moved further to the right of the screen, can actually see the barrel better and the clips when reloading much like in NOLF2. The sound effects for NOLF2 guns are even compatible but require bit of editing to have that stronger sounding blast to them. I've already took upon myself to changing the firing sound for the ak-47 to sound more like NOLF2's firing sound since it was always bit TOO LOUD compared to the entire rest of the games gear. Also lowered the volume a bit for the Dragunov to match it. FINALLY, at long last i got the silenced version of both the "Luger" and "P38" to be the default equippable ones all while keeping the enemy ones unchanged. All my weapon console cheats have easy to remember appropriate renames for the them too which i'll submit in the readme file later.
  2. You're correct on that. Whatever i change about the weapons, better damage, silenced/unsilenced would also affect all the enemies who wield them like it already does with pistols. To counter that i would have to come up with new weapon slots for the player version altogether like i've already done with the new "ammo giving lighter" cheats i came up with(Changed my mind about the tape player briefing method). I don't want to do that just yet though as that would destroy the games traditional weapon quickslots(buttons 1 thru 9)which most bulleted weapons use. IN BETTER NEWS: I been toying around endlessly with more values in the "weapons.txt" again. I can now fully swap weapon models for another and even replace gunflash effects with that of another weapon. Best part about this is being able to reposition the weapon models completely on-screen for players in 1st version view. SO NOW i'm more focused on centering all the two-hand guns more or less by zooming them out at arms length a bit thus revealing more detail from the "butt" of the guns which for some reason were hidden off screen in the original game. It makes the scope on the Crossbow look less ridiclously large, same goes for the AK-47's size itself. Would be perfect insert into one of the many widescreen mods out there. That and still deciding rather to make poison or fire the longest health-eating ammo type in the game. Perhaps make them the same and just make fire act quicker by doing heavier dmg then poison? Arrows/Spears themselves i've altered a bit into being much a longer lastiing health-eating ammo's now due to their "size". The Revolver looks alittle sleeker now that i got it centered under the cursor like in old school 90s FPS. Perhaps i should add a scope to that next??
  3. If memory serves correct when me and my sister played the enemies choose to go after the host first until another player gets in their line of sight and attacks so pretty much what clients have to do to properly join in on the action for now. As for using the Lighter as "mission briefings" you reminded me that you're right about some missions needing them to be played before the start(Unexpected Turbulance for example) for the cutscene that follow to make better sense. Therefore i've replaced those lighters with ones that can be used to obtain small handful of certain special ammo type. The Luger i've decided to make poison by default. The Delisle can now fire Corrector's explosive ammo. While the revolver explosive rounds and other weapons fire rounds can all be cheated fo etc. I may end up uploading those voice files properly retitled for each mission like i've already done for the maps themselves, alongside the action/sneaky theme soundtracks. Still gunna take couple more days to reorganize the map file names before i upload it so we FINALLY have the missions in proper order on the map list(i noticed i skipped one b4 due to the briefing/training maps that come before each).
  4. Thank you for your critque........With that in mind i'll get the fisty cuffs back in the mod quickly with ability to do small damage both from behind or front of an enemy now that i understand how weapon damage works. The whole "knock-out from behind" while sneaking feature isn't effected and still works fine rather your using the poison pin or fists to an unware enemies head. Now that i understand even more about editing "ammo" in game can determine how much damage weapons do as well as dmg over-time instead of editing the weapon part of the commands themselves. It'll give a chance to balance the game's enemy difficulty a bit better even for enemies wielding them. I'm thinking phos fire rounds for AK-47 by default? and of course firebolts for the crossbow's new default with scope since it has a fancier graphical effect. Cyanide rounds for the Silenced Luger and normal FMJ bullets for everything else except the Bacalov Corrector. i'll keep for the P38, Revolver and SMG's considering how they all basically ignores armor and eats away at health if set to anything other. That and bandages are pretty rare pick up in-game unless u adjust server settings to give health to you when finding armor. *IN OTHER NEWS*: STILL can't figure out how to allow player to start with more then one weapon but thats what host's cheats are for. I managed to create about 15 different "Tape recorder" versions of the lighter the host can cheat for. There's one properly named for each misson number that can be used to instead of igniting something, will instead play one of the games mission briefing audio files as the firing sound when pressed on. Sort of more interactive way of telling what the objectives are without needing to google it. Its the last clever "single-player like" fix could up with next to uploading all the danger/sneak themes to be played manually in-background for better atmophere like you said. NPC's triggering music just simply doesn't work properly. The console even gives errors for it that can't be fixed at the start of certain levels. The true last of my problems that may never be solved here is how to get enemies to target other players more often then the host unless other players get directly in their line of fire at "player" 1 and fire first they don't change targets to persue from what i remember.
  5. Well you guys i know it's been a few years but GREAT NEWS, i'm back to toying around with "console commands" mod endlessly again and after reading back through the games weapons.txt file i again I GOT GOOD NEWS. I finally figured out how to enable the games scopes/silencers for weapons by Default. *WEAPONS UPDATES* |--->Now both the P38's Silencer and the Scope for the Delisle rifle are now already atttached when first equipped just as they are in singleplayer making them ideal for stealth missions(Speargun still rules!). The Walther SMG and P38 Pistol can now use the revolver's fire/poison ammo types, added for alittle variety. The crossbow now uses fire ammo by default making it another useful tool for enemy health decay by shooting enemies leg when they try and duck for cover or player becomes low on health but still needs to do damage and duck between firing. Both "Sniper Rifles" (Delisle and the Dragunov) ammo and the Explosive ammo type from the "Contender" are now interchangable so players aren't as limited to what scoped sniper weapon they want to use while still matching the time period. The ever so noisy 5-shot revolver i've left untouched but is still useful for .38 explosive rounds. *GADGET UPDATE* |--->Gadgets now properly switch functions in multiplayer given you've cheated for the proper gadget already contains that ammo type, discovered this by editing them in the weapons.txt fron having infinte ammo to something reasonable like 700 rounds(more then enough for a level) *MELEE COMBAT* I've went ahead and replaced the starting weapon which was always "fisty cuffs" hands with the "Poison Barrette" this way players can still melee damage enemies from the front when out of ammo but will still only be a 1-hit kill when sneaking up from behind. I've removed the "poison pver time" damage from melee-ing the Barrette incase someone accidently hits a civilian it isn't "game over" 4. *THE LAST BIT OF ROAD AHEAD * |--->Still desperately hunting for the right console commands to activate proper backround music tracks that go with each level and if can't get the music to work that way then my only alternative will be to uploade a folder, full of all the games various backgrounds tracks properly titles for both "sneaky" and "action" moods of all the memorable tunes in either mp3 or wav format so that players can play their favorite bits in the background in their PC's media player of choice on "loop" mode. Simply change it after each level or fight manually. After all the campaign isn't complete without the proper "atmopheric music". Still Baffles me to this day way the developers of the default Multiplayer deathmatch did not insert music tracks into the background their maps! Lastly, for those you whom i made feel that this mod was too complex to setup due to my 5 paragraph or so "readme.txt" that comes with the mod, i will be revising it with much simpler layout of weapon/gadget commands needed in order for a Host to properly play thru of this game with others without overly drawn out backstory explanations. So stay tuned. Get back to ya a few weeks.
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