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  1. woohoo!, another classic game's Multiplayer live-span saved thanks to our modding community!
  2. Well you know where i'll be then! has soon has I i'm allowed to download more mods here, i'm surely grabbing the latest "kittycat" mod has I remember it mentioned something about SP coop when URA posted the readme for it before on his site.
  3. ah Larry, I recognized that profile pic, were you too a member of the now abandoned "The site that shall not be named" forums? Their reveal post on Nolf2 Single Player Coop years back made me love that game even more!
  4. I've just started working on that myself. Since Contract Jack is in fact built upon the exact same engine has NOLF 2 I believe it only takes a few quick edits to some files which will re-enable the "coop" mode back into the game. Coop already existed in NOLF 2, music and all, so that just takes some editing of a single file to get the single player maps put into the list of ones you can select in that "mode". You can have them added for you if you download the "livesforever mod" if you want. Until then give me a week or so and i'll figure something out for Contract Jack and have it uploaded here in the downloads section, i'd certainly enjoy the chance to playing it with someone has well!
  5. Version 2.0


    DISCLAIMER: I take no credit for the creation of the console portion of this mod, we have "Viktor" to thank for that, All I contributed to here was the editing some of the game attribute files and add and rename the single player maps in appropriate order. I am just a big fan that happened to discover how useful the console is in terms of using newly discovered console commands or "cheats". All of this which can be used on a locally hosted multiplayer server so that cooperative play is made possible. ***OH YEAH!, THATS RIGHT...ITS FINALLY HERE!.....WITH PLENTY OF BUGS AND THE COMMANDS TO FIX THEM AND GET THROUGH IT ALL TOGETHER!!!*** PLEASE READ FOR COOOPERATIVE PLAY TO GO SMOOTHELY OR PLEASE READ THE "CONSOLEMOD README.TXT"FIRST TO BETTER UNDERSTAND THIS ONE!!!!!! *NOTE: This mod is best played on a non-dedicated server along side the host of the game so that the host has access to various "console mod" commands that seem to work for the "host" player of the game only. Without these commands inputed by the admin of the server players may find it very easy to become stuck in one of the games many long levels. WHERE TO FIND THE SINGLE PLAYER MAPS??: You can find these maps to be hosted on your server under the "levels" menu list in multiplayer AFTER you have switched to the "H.A.R.M. vs Unity" Game Type. The "Mission" number represents that "Chapter" number of the game. You can easily find which level your looking to host on your server by using a "NOLF strategy guide" which can simply be found the internet. So if you click on "levels" and you add "Mission 1 Scene 1" to the list of levels your server will play, that is obviously the same map/level has the single player game's "Chapter 1 Scene 1: Misfortune in Morocco". The Reason i've renamed all of them in the multiplayer level list is because THE FULL NAME OF EACH CHAPTER WILL NOT FIT ON THE LIST and can get confusing. This is why I have simply renamed each one by their proper Mission and Scene NUMBER, in other words Chapter 1 or Mission 1 are THE SAME THING! RECOMMENDED GAME OPTIONS BEFORE STARTING A SERVER: Level ending conditions "none" Time Limit "60" (doesn't matter sense the maps are set to end automically when you reach the end of the map) Winning Score "200" (this option doesn't matter either since you can't really earn points unless you kill other players) Frag Scoring "On" (case you do want to take a break and deathmatch inside a map sometime) Max Players "4" (anymore then that could make spawning in a map on time with everyone all at once rather tricky) Runspeed "130" (can be bumped up all the way to 350 if your feeling impatient) Respawn scale "150" (I put it at max so players can come around and grab the respawned stuff when they most need it) Friendly fire "off" (otherwise it wouldn't be coop would it?) Default weapon "Shepard Arms P38 9mm"(because a permantly silenced handgun is rather "handy") Weapon stay "On" (so everybody get's to try out the goods!) Location based damage "On" (case you want a challange since npc's seem to only knock a tiny inch of health off you when they do manage to hit you) Audio taunts "On" (for a little fun after slaying an enemy) Fall damage "30" (comes in handy sometimes) Armor health bonus "0" (so that armor doesn't heal your health, just like the single player game) *IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT HOSTING A SERVER : When hosting a game on a coop map make sure that that you select the "harm vs unity" gamemode otherwise you will not be able to se the list of single player coop maps at all. Also make sure that all the players join and spawn in the game whie the opening cutscene of the current map is playing, that way all players will spawn in the same position has the host sometimes players may spawn half way in the ground but can jump their way free from this bug. *IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT PLAYER RESPAWN: On some of these maps where all players must must join and spawn while a cutscene is playing, if a player dies they may be telported to a room far off of the map, in this case, TRY NO TO DIE IN THESE MAPS AT ALL COSTS, there is no Godmode or Noclip console cheat that works to my knowledge as of yet, so the host WILL be forced to restart the current map for you if this happens SO BE CAREFUL! Some mapes have working respawn locations while other's are just to far off the correct area of the map, so make use of joining while a cutscene is playing! *IMPORTANT NOTE FOR TWO PLAYERS NEEDING A VEHICLE IN A MAP: You may come across this issue in some single player maps where there is only one motorcycle or snowmobile visible to ride and will need the host of the game to solve this issue so that you may both acquire vehicle for eachother to ride. For those of you who think this method is too complicated you can simply have the host of the game press "ESC" and go to "Game Options" and bump up the runspeed meter all the way up to 350. The more practical alternative is the host of the game waits for another play to get on the one vehicle in the map first and then points their cursor at the vehicle they are riding and presses F12 to get the name of that one vehicle in the map and then press the ` button located under the "ESC" key and uses the msg playervehicle0 "activate" command has explained below in the "msg commands" section of this txt file. Learning this will enable both players to ride invisible copies of same vehicle and carry on throughout the map without further issues other then accidently driving off a cliff. *IMPORTANT NOTE FOR MORE THEN TWO PLAYERS NEEDING A VEHICLE IN A MAP: It is possible to produce extra "invisible copies" of a vehicle in maps which only contain a single vehicle, this has been tested myself in a player hosted LAN server even though the process requires a bit of quick reaction time. To spawn these "invisible copies" of either the one snowmobile or motorcycle that you find in a map you must first wait for another player to get on the vehicle, then have the host player of the game use the msg playervehicle0 "activate" command which puts on a invisible copy of the vehicle has said before. After this you must quickly "right click" to get off the vehicle but has your character is doing so....quickly press the ` button under ESc that brings up the console and then quickly press the up arrow and then ENTER on your keyboard. If done correctly this will mean you have just quickly gotten off the "activate"d vehicle has the exact same moment it has been "activate"d and in turn creates an invisible copy of the vehicle in the spot the host player is standing in, have someone right click around where your standing to get on the vehicle then simply have the host player of the game bring up the console and type "msg playervehicle0 "activate.....again AND THERE YOU HAVE iT!....PROBLEM SOLVED!...RIDE ON! *NOTE FOR GAME OF THE YEAR MISSION 16: Has to my knowledge, you must own and install the "Game of The Year Edition" of the game in order for this mission to work, this is why it marked with GOTY before it. This is due to Mission 16 being the "Rest and Relaxation" chapter and is THE VERY LAST MISSION only included in the "Game of the Year Edition". So you must install it in order to have the correct textures and voice files needed for those maps to work. *IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT SILENCERS: You may notice i've permantly replaced the shephard arm's p38 pistol with a permanantly silenced version of the weapon that works even without a silencer, this is due the fact that I have yet to discover how in the game to cheat for certain ammo types let alone attachments such has silencers. **IMPORTANT BEFORE READIN FURTHER**--------------->A LIST OF ALL AVAILABLE WEAPONS/GADGETS TO CHEAT FOR CAN BE FOUND IN THE<----------**IMPORTANT BEFORE READING FURTHER** "PLAYER ITEM NAMES.TXT" UNDER THE "[WeaponOrder]" TAB INSIDE THE TXT FILE INCLUDED IN THIS DOWNLOADED MOD! *THESE ARE IMPORTANT "MSG CONSOLE COMMANDS" TO GET YOU THROUGH THE GAME WITH THE RIGHT WEAPONS/GADGETS: press the ` button under ESC to bring down the console while in a multiplayer game, note that these comands also happen to work in singleplayer. music play s This command can be used to play whatever the last music track that was being played from the main menu screen,So far this is the only way to get music to work in multiplayer,note that you must start whatever level you are attempting to play in a coop game in single player first and then exit to main menu and start that specific map in multiplayer, or join agame running that map this is the only way that music track can be captured and played in the main menu....if you attempt to type this command without doing what has been said first.....then you will simply end up hearing the main menu screen's music in-game. music stop s This command does exactly what it says and stops whatever music loop you may have started using the "music play s....command. SIMPLE MUSIC ALTERNATIVE: do a Youtube search for the soundtrack, or better yet run the single player version of a map in a seperate window! select name of object By replacing "name of object(withouth qoutes) with whatever the name of the in-game object is, you can use this command to successfully select an object for editing within the map being played. Has the console mod readme arleady explains, the simpler way to retrive the name of an object you want to edit can be done by pointing your crossair at the middle of the screen at the object you wish to edit and press F12. This of course gives you a name for an object you may want to play around with and edit while in-game. msg nameofobject "trigger EXAMPLES: msg edoor1 "unlock msg edoor1 "trigger Try these out along side the F12 select combo when your stuck inside the elevator in the first training map. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE QOUTES ARE ONLY NEEDED AT THE BEGINNING OF THE COMMAND YOU ARE TELLING A OBJECT TO DO SUCH HAS "UNLOCK. THE QOUTES WILL NOT WORK IF YOU PUT THEM BEFORE OR AFTER THE ACTUAL NAME OF THE OBJECT YOU ARE GIVING THE COMMAND TO. All of this shows the importance of the console mod by enabling the host of the server to ....."unlock....and force open or...."trigger...certain bugged doors in the game incase they either do not work or if a player gets stuck behind them, it is possible to use these commands to "trigger....and "unlock...elevator doors and platforms of all kinds has well. msg player "AcquireWeapon EXAMPLE: msg player "AcquireWeapon Delisle This example command can be used by the host of a game to give all players currently in the game a silenced hamptine carbine, note that the word "delisle" is the proper word for this weapon and can be replaced with the proper name of any weapon or gadget to give all players currently in the multiplayer server that specific weapon,gadget,mod, or piece of gear like the scuba divers suite. msg player "Acquiregear EXAMPLES : msg player "Acquiregear SCUBA gear msg player "Acquiregear Bandages msg player "Acquiregear Body Armor gives the player a certain type of gear, names for these items can be found in the "PLAYER ITEM NAMES.TXT" under the "[Gear0]" section, you may only ever need to cheat for the "SCUBA gear....specifically for long underwater missions and on other missions "body that players don't die on those long snowy lift riding missions with helicopters shooting at them. *OTHER EXAMPLES FOR USABLE GADGETS: msg player "Acquireweapon Camera Disabler msg player "AcquireWeapon Mine Sunglasses msg player "AcquireWeapon Red Sunglasses msg player "AcquireWeapon Code Breaker msg player "AcquireWeapon Welder Lighter (this is actually a cheat for the welder version of the lighter has a seperate gadget due to the fact that switching gadget functions is not possible in multiplayer) msg player "AcquireWeapon Poodle msg Player "AcquireWeapon Poison Barrette (this is actually the poison sword version of the Barrette, since once again switching gadget functions doesn't work in multiplayer) msg player "AcquireWeapon "Barrette (gives u a normal lockpicking barrete for the silent opening of locks) msg nameofplayervehicle "activate example: msg playervehicle0 "activate Once you have the name of the vehicle using the F12 trick, this command forces the host player of the game to get on and ride or "activate....a motorcycle or snowmobile located in the current map. This works regardless of rather the vehicle is in-use by another player or not and so it serves has a coop work around so that more then one player may ride an invisible copy of the same vehicle. Most common names for vehicles you will find in a map include "playervehicle0" or "playervehicle1". Just like using the console to open doors, pressing f12 on the vehicle your facing will give you the name of that "playervehicle" so that you know the name of the object to be typed in so that vehicle can by "activate"d by you, the host after another player gets on it. *OTHER POSSIBLE WORKING COMMANDS INCLUDE: msg player "AcquireMod nameofweaponmod msg player "AcquireAttachment or "AcquireAttechment nameofattachment msg player "AcquireVehicle nameofthevehicle It is unclear at this point rather these console cheats do anything has of yet but it is possible so you might try playing with them and replacing the word after Acquire with whatever you can think of from the PLAYER ITEM NAMES.txt in attempting to cheat for the actual p38 silencer when and if you the fans have spare time.
  6. AT LAST I"VE FOUND THE COMMANDS!, i'll be posting the mod in a few hours if the site allows it
  7. still having trouble finding though weapon/gadget cheat commands, that and the vehicle cloning cheat and THIS MOD WILL BE READY ....someday soon
  8. was hoping this would get some attention, perhaps I should've posted under fun and games or something more appropriate to the subject? :/
  9. I believe the command to change it is "Respawnmultiwaittime 0" without qoutes even the runspeed and jumpspeed can be changed but this requires editing a client server file within the game files, it is much easier to host a dedicated server and simply type these in for it works rather people are in the server already or not
  10. For those of you who may not have yet herd, I am in the middle of finishing development on a (semi-successful so to speak) coop mod for the first "No One Lives Forever" game using a dozen or so console commands and using attribute .txt file edits has bug work-arounds. This all being due to the inability to edit the single-player maps themselves within the game editor other then move them into a multiplayer map list. I must also thank those you who re-uploaded the nolf1 "console mod" for that mod alone makes most of this possible. The only work that myself can take credit for are taking the time to put the single-player maps into proper order on the assaultmap multiplayer map list along with various .txt file edits so that alternate gadgets modes on gadgets can be used(has separate weapons to cheat for) in multiplaye. WITH ALL THAT HAVING BEEN SAID THE ONLY PROBLEM THAT REMAINS IS: finding how to use the console to give the object "player" certain weapons or gadgets they need on certain levels. Knowing the right weapon name is easy thanks to the weapons.txt file. Its funny because I figured this out years ago which gives every player currently in the game that specific thing you tell them to give BUT I JUST CAN'T SEEM TO REMEMBER THE COMMAND TO THIS DAY! If anyone else cares to test this out with me for a few levels that'd be great! Have a Tunngle LAN party or something, so that we may figure this out somehow and correct the spawn points, remove objects blocking a players path, or better yet figure out them weapon giving console commands all within the currently played maps themselves that'd be GRRREAT! ~Sincerely a Coop obsessed early 2000's PC giving fan, Clonest.
  11. Welcome to the forums Clonest :)