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  1. please - i want to know if it is possible to get in touch with URA
  2. Djamba

    CrossFire to NOLF2

    hello i think i figured a way how to load these maps - but i would need at least one level file from you to test. please check the pm i sent you aswell.
  3. i have tried that - but for some reason it doesnt launch the game for me. when i try to join a server just nothing happens.
  4. hello since there has been some confusion i want to add - you need to run the application as admin ( right-click on 'notepad' or whatever editor you prefer and choose "run as administrator" ) - it is not about logging into windows as administrator. also this method is only needed if you want to browse the server list from within the game - just installing qtracker will also do the job.
  5. problem solved i figured how to spawn AI with triggers and switches which is not the way its meaned to be done but it worx also its possible to respawn after death via trigger messages. now there is another problem, the AI is not able to focus on different players - the server returns an error message like: "warning - more than 1 object named player present" is there anyone who knows a way to fix this ? i dont have any c++ knowledge so its tough for me to figure out how the game addresses players. any help would be appreciated
  6. hello Clonest !! its awesome to see that there someone is still messing around with the nolf 1 stuff ! id like to know more about what you are working on and i'd like to get in touch with you to talk about more detailed stuff. please contact me if you are interested to discuss and maybe even team up.
  7. hello everyone ! i am currently playing around with the nolf 1 tools and i was wondering whether anyone of the old mappers / modders is still around ... my special interest is into the AI, id like to know whether its possible to spawn AI via a button / switch. is there anyone who can help me on this ?