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  1. Like in Hitman: Blood Money? That might be fun
  2. Sorry, I moved recently haven't so much time to check out the posts. I uploaded this one in my dropbox, here's the link:
  3. Hi everyone! I started to work with DEdit recently and found it useful to make a full list of PropTypes. Here's a preview of a *.pdf file I've made: Very useful for mapmakers, so you don't need to search your favourite plant anymore ^^. And if anyone is interested, I can share it
  4. there is also the same way to get to the roof of a club ^^
  5. Ok. Thank you very much! The greatest mystery solved! ^^
  6. Oh, thank you so much! Great community you got here
  7. I thought about two things: - a prequel? (inspired by those 3 levels on PS2) about Cate's youth mixed with levels of what Bruno was doing in these days and how they met etc. - a level in a Fort (you know, like Fort Boyard). Both, in single- and multiplayer. With lots of ways to get in there. Just wanted to share some ideas Now I want to hear yours!
  8. Hi all! Does anyone have NOLF1 on MAC? Which bonus levels it contains? Only "Rest & Relaxation"? I just hoping there are also those 3 levels with 'young Archer as a thief' that appears on PS. Thanks!
  9. Is this merger only for NOLF2?
  10. Welcome to the forums Anastasia :)