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  1. Anastasia

    NOLF Mappack002

  2. Anastasia

    NOLF 3 wishlist

    Like in Hitman: Blood Money? That might be fun
  3. Anastasia

    The full list of PropTypes

    Sorry, I moved recently haven't so much time to check out the posts. I uploaded this one in my dropbox, here's the link:
  4. Hi everyone! I started to work with DEdit recently and found it useful to make a full list of PropTypes. Here's a preview of a *.pdf file I've made: Very useful for mapmakers, so you don't need to search your favourite plant anymore ^^. And if anyone is interested, I can share it
  5. Anastasia

    Club Dead , legit or glitch/hack?

    there is also the same way to get to the roof of a club ^^
  6. Anastasia

    NOLF 1 MAC OS Version

    Ok. Thank you very much! The greatest mystery solved! ^^
  7. Anastasia


    Oh, thank you so much! Great community you got here
  8. Anastasia

    NOLF 3 wishlist

    I thought about two things: - a prequel? (inspired by those 3 levels on PS2) about Cate's youth mixed with levels of what Bruno was doing in these days and how they met etc. - a level in a Fort (you know, like Fort Boyard). Both, in single- and multiplayer. With lots of ways to get in there. Just wanted to share some ideas Now I want to hear yours!
  9. Anastasia

    NOLF 1 MAC OS Version

    Hi all! Does anyone have NOLF1 on MAC? Which bonus levels it contains? Only "Rest & Relaxation"? I just hoping there are also those 3 levels with 'young Archer as a thief' that appears on PS. Thanks!
  10. Anastasia


    Is this merger only for NOLF2?
  11. Anastasia

    New to UnityHQ? Say hello here!

    Hi all! I'm new here! You may have seen me with the nickname 'Anastasia' on NOLF1 multiplayer
  12. Welcome to the forums Anastasia :)