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  1. TiZeR

    The site that shall not be named?

    hey mate, im doing fine. You? Just checking out the NOLF sites (and game) from time to time in the hope to see still some activeness How to catch you these days myth?
  2. TiZeR

    Nolf cheats

    cerealguy, send a private message to me right here in this forums, i'll gonna help you in german language
  3. TiZeR

    The site that shall not be named?

    Ok, lets see. Im sure many people wanted to give Dan support to keep their site alive, but when its down, then its down. Yes, on their forum was always a party, kind of interessting to read. Anyways, you answered my questuion. Thanks alot.
  4. TiZeR

    Anybody has the Nolf 1 soundtracks Speak now

    catch me on Soulseek and get all the mp3 files for NOLF 1 and NOLF 2 if you want ;-)
  5. TiZeR

    old skinpacks?

    Sadly I lost all my stuff, too bad..I had lots of skinpacks, even lots of private skinpacks of different clans. The only files I still got and can give you is the VIC-Skinpack (with included some skins of the FF and AC Skinpack) If there is any interesst let me now and I upload this wherever you want.
  6. TiZeR

    old skinpacks?

    Hello UnityHQ, after some years I installed NOLF again and tried to revieve all my old NOLF files I had, But I only found the old VIC Skinpack, does anyone else still got all the old Skinpacks from FF or even AC or others ? I was not able to find them anywhere, I thank for every answer or idea how to get them back edit: Please move to the NOLF 1 section, my bad. Sorry!
  7. TiZeR

    The site that shall not be named?

    Hey Eliteone, thanks for your answer. I really dont know any relationsship between unityhq and N-Girl. I'm sorry If I broke a rule here or if I did anything wrong. I was not active at all for some years.... This is not to cause a discussion. I just wondered where the site is and if anyone got details for it, it just seems a bit weird to me that a fundumental and old Nolf site like this shut his doors. If anyone got details to inform me, i appreiciate If not, I have to deal with it and its alright. Greetz
  8. Hey old and new NOLF'ers (if there are some) After some month Im checking all the informal NOLF Sites again, but there is one Site is miss actually, does anyone know where (edit, seems the Admins doesnt accept the name of the NOLF Site here, wonder why)? If anyone got a answer,please let me know It seems the domain is expired or something, are they doing it with a new domain or did they just shut the doors? Thanks for a answer and greets
  9. TiZeR

    Pretty Things!

    thanks again ^^ uh and btw maybe BellaDonna could update the Link under clans Would be great!
  10. TiZeR

    Pretty Things!

    Thank you both I hope we will bring some up in Nolf^^ Onyx, do it! Nolf is still a great game Just the community changed a little bit, this arent the old times anymore
  11. TiZeR

    Pretty Things!

    Hey UnityHQ community. We've got a little update, after a long time of inactive we are back, with a new page, a new server and a new forum The new link is now http://www.pt-base.com/ptpage feel free to check out and have fun See you around
  12. TiZeR

    pT comeback!

    Dear Nolf community member, You may not have heard but the famous Pretty Things clan is making a major comeback to the game, many years of inactive members have left us as a few man clan and we thought that it was time to become strong again and get some fresh blood. If you would like to join our clan, join our pretty community then we welcome anyone to do so, just go to our site and use the join us box or if that doesn’t work e-mail admin@pt-base.com Or be just a part in our forum Website - www.pt-base.com/ptpage Keep the game strong and hope to kill you one day  Tizer & Pred
  13. TiZeR

    Pretty Things!

    hehe....then good luck...feel free to post whatever you want
  14. TiZeR

    Pretty Things!

    please forgive him.. he is always nice that little Gunman lol welcome by the way on our forums...and to all others...Feel free to register
  15. TiZeR

    Pretty Things!

    thanks alot