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  1. Nice gallery. And yeah, I'm interested. I disagree with you, James. I don't think Bethesda will make a MMS game out of it, it's gonna be as awesome as RTCW. Nice to see the real BJ back again.
  2. I played this game a long ago, splendid storyline and awesome gameplay, additionally, the soundtrack was amazing. Shame they never made a sequel to this game, it offered us a sequel but never even developed any game related to the project. I also have the comic book series to this franchise, and I love it.
  3. I wish there would be a third game, Cate Archer is the ultimate babe. To hell with Lara Croft, she's nothing more than a clown. Cate is an improved version of Emma Peel, and NO real man wouldn't fall for her, I'd give you that. I have an idea, though. What if Monolith makes a deal with Valve to work on NOLF3? That would be awesome. The classic Monolith VG's gameplay are similar to Valve's, they can really do it, in my opinion, and I know Gabe Newell would deliver us one hell of a title. So, why not suggesting Valve to publish the game? NOLF fans are dying for it, how many of us are there? THOUSANDS!!! So, let's have a third installment in the series, because I miss those old shooters, and NOLF was a unique one, very unique one.
  4. I personally hated Max Payne the movie, it wasn't truthful to the gaming franchise, its source material at all. They made out a trash of the franchise and ruined Max Payne's reputation. The whole movie was a mistake. The game did not have demons, but they just went over it in order to make it appealing for emotionally unstable audience (goths, namely) and made Max a bloody emo. Max Payne was someone who suffered from nightmares, fought with his inner side sometimes, but wasn't as 'kitty' as Mark Wahlberg was. You're mostly can explore Max's character much more in Max Payne 3 video game, one of the best games ever made in ten years. He wasn't a damn emo, he was STILL a man who stood still at all costs.