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  1. Wow! I just looked my nolf2 cd and got little bit i had to find my way back here and found this. Man AE! Your story brings back all the memories...I can't comment very much on chapters 1 and 2 cause i started playing in early 2004 but i remember the late drama (and heard the stories) with |PM| when i joined [sT] later 2004. That last clanmatch with |PM| was at the end of the year 2004 if i remember correctly. There were a lot of tension before the match and training's were intense. If i remember correctly the last match had names like Caipirinha, Mari, RXS, KNIX, Phant, YourFather, CrazyDave and new guy (soon to be one of the bests) Moody. I wasn't at my prime that time 2005: After some time the clan-community needed something new to keep things interesting cause there were only {SFI}, [sT] and [FF5] remaining and some smaller (don't remember all the names). Moody, Kitty (AngryKitty), always controversial Jacques and myself started to talk about creating new clan cause [sT] was getting so inactive. We left [sT] in June/July 2005 and created =NS=. [sT] died shortly after this and some followed us to the =NS=, most joined {SFI} and few to [FF5] or stayed without clan. We got a good mix of older nolfers (names mentioned before, Factor, Surak etc.) and new guns like (Rops and Suglylinni) in =NS= There were similar drama over the years between =NS= and {SFI} what |PM| had early days and some was completely different. Some of it took place in this very forum . Clan matches were intense and full of adrenaline and at some point it was pure hate! 2007/2008: Drama exploded and there were probably biggest cheating accusations around in nolf history and it also finally torn =NS= apart in 2008. Original members divided to two clan >NW< and *PNX* Others stayed and continued with =NS= as a "2nd coming". These were the final times when clanmatches were played... Well..this is what i pulled together after little bit of whiskey Man, those were the days!
  2. It's been a long time since i've been around and now i came to see what's happening and this!! THIS! caught my eyes! Oh my....I still remember back in the day..all the good games with Natter! With or without SFI tag! Just like the swede said before....R.I.P
  3. NiXsa

    New Tag

    like you did too
  4. NiXsa

    New Tag

    Haha i knew it! Another smartie had to get involved and post something very funny...
  5. NiXsa

    New Tag

    Oh i remember, i have seen it but there wasn't nothing special that said he was cheating. You still didn't say what so called "cheat" you guys think he was using, tell me. I think that only reason why you tried to get him caught of cheating is that you guys just can't take it that he beated you too badly. Things like these have happened before too...
  6. NiXsa

    New Tag

    or if you are not winning?
  7. NiXsa

    New Tag

    I don't remember any rops classic busted video, but what was this so called "cheat" he was using?
  8. NiXsa

    New Tag's you again..Hi blue whats up smartie? It seems that you still can't take it with your friends that Rops whooped some 'donkey'...what hacks did he use again? Was it this "igotmysfibuttkickedtoohardsolet'sgetridofthisguytoo" hacks? You probably got orgasm or something else to your backside...
  9. NiXsa

    New Tag

    hahaha..i'm not talking just can't admit that you can't take it if you are not in the top "Oh hell, i'm not at the top, gotta rejoin before map ends" "I am going to own you all in next map!" And what happened? Slyguy left the game always so funny umm..and how matches i have played against you? 1? that =NS= vs BAB where you didn't even bother to tell us that you are leaving..not at all and joined BAB looking forward to see this new movie, last one was quite good when kg was bitching there
  10. NiXsa

    New Tag movie coming there a lot of rejoining when you have bad score end of the map or when you get killed too much?
  11. NiXsa

    I'm Back

    aahh..sly, still leaving end of map if you have bad score?
  12. move on people, to better games or even get a life! The game has been boring anyways about 1 and half years....
  13. You would have this effect in todays server if some "random" players would stop accusing players who simply are better players than those accusers
  14. WOW! Had to hurt very much cause you quoted 2 times and writed so much text there You were pointing ur geek fingers to Moody and Angelus and asked do we enjoy our "lame tactics" So here i told to you what we really enjoy in the game. Oh and btw my sig doesnt have anything to do with you and your stupid comments and really is that "i dont care a damn" only thing what u remember? I said that maybe 1 and half years ago. I really almost ever get your logic to answer