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  1. "Grow up" and "childish" is what you're throwing at me? Give me a break, man . You know, the fact that you probably have some hair at your balls now doesn't quite mean that you're grown up yourself. And I don't think I need to point out the irony in what you stated above as it is pretty much speaking for itself. However - have a nice evening. You're certainly aware of the fact that this, uhm, discussion between the both of us is neither going anywhere nor will it lead to you getting unbanned. Hence, there's absolutely no point in keeping it up (if you choose to do so anyway, I'll wish you luck...).
  2. You can't imagine how glad I am that everyone is happy again - oh joy!
  3. No kiddin', now this was surprising! You're getting forced to play the game even if you don't like it any more? Damn, that's a shame; you poor boy. Let me give you a friendly huuug... You see, the part about the "legally" is pretty much the issue here - as we know for a fact that you were for example visiting another forum, using the nick "imn00b" (now see, that's ironic again - when in reality you're so much more of a queen): http://forum.gamedeception.net/showthread.php?t=10325 http://forum.gamedeception.net/showthread.php?t=10427 http://forum.gamedeception.net/showthread.php?t=10137 http://forum.gamedeception.net/showthread.php?t=10158 http://forum.gamedeception.net/showthread.php?t=10433 Remember? Ah, of course you don't. But never mind, other people do that for you. Well, ain't you a smart mother... or father then! This has to be why it obviously does matter to be banned from the PNX server. Like in the good ol' days - who says NOLF has changed when it clearly hasn't?
  4. Really? 'cause I heard they're cheating pricks and nobody wants to play against them... What are your sources again? It's always so hard to tell which rumours to believe . Well, then I guess it's your lucky day because I'm extremely rarely to these forums nowadays and it's a coincidence that I'm reading this now. I'm probably gonna tell my people about the thread though - just so we all know Christmas came early this year. Man, we love Christmas! See above. See above. Make sense. Try again. Well, guess what, people were banned for cheating before - and it's funny that you're here now to piss off PNX when it is somewhat none of your business. And as we figured out - it's the PNX server so you ain't the one to make the rules, right? Ah... see above, everything's stated clearly there . Come and take it... Time for WWIII, huh? Just put a "Republican" ad into your signature as well and we'll probably be a little closer to that in November.
  5. Yeah, it's true - he got banned for having the highest score. By the way, tonight we had roasted little children and for dessert the liver of some homeless person we picked up in the street. But, question: How do you detect a witch? Ok, let me help you. What do you do with witches? Burn them. What else do you burn? Wood. Therefore witches burn 'cause they're made out of wood. How can you verify this? Wood floats on the water, it doesn't sink. Also floating on the water: a duck. So if she weighs as much as a duck she's... Cool, huh? Damn straight, honey! Ho ho Bubba, just a second - didn't we just come to the agreement that PNX certainly can ban whoever they want? Yeah? Cool. You forgot to mention lederhosen and sauerkraut but... what the hell, you came across as an ignorant fool anyway so, good job - you win, congrats... (Even though I won't be surprised if people with "Republican" ads in their signature won't recognize the ignorance as it appears to be a general issue with this kind of people but don't take it personally, alright?) Well, I reckon this is exactly what makes Patrick's issues with PNX your business then .
  6. I just tried it. Ah, this mod is great - an awesome solution for all the misery in NOLF . The loading window every time I start the game is giving me plenty of time to refill my cup of coffee and even children can play safely now that there is this awesome word filter. Isn't it great that even this annoying word describing homosexuality has been banned? The church and Christianity in general have been looking for a way to eliminate this issue for ages and now it has been done - an impressive achievement. This is really a whole new century - thanks a lot to all the people that were involved .
  7. It's i case of plumbing problems in the forum toilet ;)

  8. Indeed. From a recent speech before the Michigan primary: "I have opponents in this race who do not want to change the Constitution but I believe it's a lot easier to change the Constitution than it would be to change the word of the living god. And that's what we need to do to amend the Constitution so it's in God's standards rather than try to change God's standards so it lines up with some contemporary view." Trying to flush the separation of church and state, it's no wonder he didn't get out there too well...
  9. Are you sure the topics "No One Lives Forever" and "realism" should be present in the same thread? If anyone here continues to advocate for that now, I'll might get seriously ill.
  10. Get the FEAR outta here, Knix .
  11. Well, you get NOLF2 with Contract JACK - so it's not exactly like throwing the money outta the window. There've also been quite some cases in which having two NOLF CD keys came quite handy. CJ was very linear, it was surely a little "dumb" compared with NOLF2 but I had still some laughs. You just cannot see it as a fullprice game .
  12. You played too much NOLF2 so you weren't around for two years? Yeah, can really see where you're coming from here. Really appreciate it. SEE YOU IN 2009, BUDDY!
  13. Please, god, have mercy with us, let it rain brains!