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  1. I'm sooo sorry but I can't seem to be able to play this match tonight as I've got an important sheepshead tournament, which should have been yesterday but was delayed for today. I know this is very short before the match, and trust me I'd love to play, but it's impossible today Have fun nonetheless dudes and I really hope someone can stand in for me.
  2. Count me in aswell My birthday August 18th 1989, so I'm currently 17.
  3. @john heatman: I know now that it's not the ff5 server's fault, it doesn't work on others either. And discomime, no, I don't use an USB mic, just a normal headset one. And it works fine with teamspeak &co
  4. Hi guys, since I read about the ff5 ventrilo server in the guys vs gals topic, I thought I'd give it a try. But here's what happens each time I join the server: It connects just as normal, I can switch channels, hear others talk and everything, but as soon as i say something, ventrilo crashes and kills its own process, so I am back at the Desktop. That's pretty annoying, so I wanted to know if anyone else has encountered this and/or has a solution? greetings sep
  5. Of course it depends on your hardware specs. Though it's neither you RAM, processor or graphics card in my opinion. I'm usually the first one spawning in every map, and that is because the spawn time depends on your harddisk SPEED (not capacity) and, even more important, the hdd access time and cache. Atleast that's the only explanation as I have quite low pc specs, but an 'donkey'-kicking 9.600 rpm hdd with an access time of 5 ms. Can't be the internet connection either, as I have a normal DSL3000 without fastpath or anything. EDIT: haha the bad word filter doesn't seem to like my language
  6. Thanks Yea it should display correctly in every browser, even though it wasn't easy to force IE to do so
  7. First of all: @mods PLEASE MOVE THIS TO NEWS SECTION, I just can't start a topic in there. So, along with a domain change, the well known friendliest clan ever has a new homepage design and structure You can see our new page at . . The forums remain unchanged, i.e. they don't fit the overall style yet. So have a look, tell me your opinions and enjoy it As you see there are still some members missing in the members section, but that just means that I haven't got their infos yet, coming soon. Have fun sep Oh and please, everyone who votes lower than average, please tell me WHY you did so, thanku
  8. Hey guys. I've got a problem: I want to start a dedicated server with custom maps(unityhq). After I chose the maps in NOLF2 and start the dedicated server it hangs up and the server doesn't start the maps. The mappacks are in the NOLF root and I load them via the command line parameters -rez...... That works fine for "normal" playing but obviously not for a dedicated server. Can anyone of you help me? greetz sep