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  1. Can i have a save file, that you played without the LivesForever mod, just before the main archives section. I've already played it twice till that point from the beginning, and it's going to be a headache to start from the first yet again.
  2. Please help me. I dont' care about losing my money, but to stop in the middle of a great game when I was enjoying it to the core, that's a shame.
  3. I might have used no-cd. But how do I disable this and play directly from cd? Could yo please tell me.
  4. Can someone tell me how to use the saves from external websites that was linked before, and play them?
  5. I tried to disable the LivesForever mod and play and I get the same error. This happens when I try to load a save. I try to start from CD, and when I click on nolf.exe then I get another error. This happens when I double click on the .exe file. If I start autorun.exe from the CD, then I get the same starting window as starting with the LivesForever mod. Is this strange? I disabled it and I got Client MFC application error. Here the error happens only when loading a save. I started playing the game again, to see if the save was corrupted, but I got stuck at the same position. Damn it.
  6. "This file is provided by www.pcsavegames.com" I posted the link from pcsavegames.com too. Both are the same? Is it enough just to put those saves into No One Lives Foever/Save/"Profile Name"/Single Player/? I tried that, that's when I got the error, save not loading as posted before. What am I doing wrong?
  7. I mean I can start the game, and during loading a save file, I get this error message.MFC application stopped working Is there any way I can use the save games here: http://www.nicouzouf.com/en/?id=noonelivesforever2aspyinharmsway
  8. I can't start the game after disabling LivesForever mod. It's saying MFC application has stopped working.. I've also installed URA's multiplayer launcher. Please help me....Also does anybody have any save file at that point. Maybe that will help? I took a save file from http://www.nicouzouf.com/en/?id=noonelivesforever2aspyinharmsway but the save isn't able to load, may be some binding problem with save1001 config file inside Save/"User"SinglePlayer? This is a wonderful game and I'm not able to move any furthur... [Windows 7 Ultimate x64]
  9. jackuars

    Nolf 3

    I'm afraid this won't happen.... Qoute from Eurogamer:
  10. I've reached the central archives in the main records building. I've got the note containing the tape reel number and when I right click on the tap e reel reader, it's get's greyed out, and nothing happens. What do I do now?
  11. Hi, is it possible for my game to work in widescreen (1366x768) resolution. In the display options the best that i can get is 1024x768. I also don't want any menu items/subtitles to go off screen. Thanks a lot for any help. NOLF 1 was one of the best games that I've ever played. Looking forward to playing this.
  12. Is it possible to get 1366x768 resolution without various menu items going off screen?
  13. Welcome to the forums jackuars :)