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  1. Papermoon

    Happy Holidays

    Happy New Years ! Bonne année !!!
  2. Papermoon

    Rest in peace my friend

    As you may know or not, Natter was very respectful about his gaming life and his family one. That's why I cannot give his postal adress. But I know a lot of his friends would like to send something, to express their deepest thoughts to his family So perhaps you could send it to me... I would take everything in a small letter/package and send it to his wife Send to me a pm if you wish to send something to natter's wife We must do it quickly of course, no need to revive painful reminds for his wife. So let's say everythings must be at my home for the June 19th plz (If you have any problems to send it before this date, do not hesit to PM me)
  3. Papermoon

    Rest in peace my friend

    I did.
  4. Papermoon

    Rest in peace my friend

    Today I just received some postal news form Natter's wife A terribly sad news indeed We won't ever play with Nat again his heart stopped the 29th may and this time it's over... It's hard for me to write those lines... but at least now we know why he won't come back between us Besides the skillful and cheerful player, he was someone wonderful Adieu Natty
  5. Papermoon

    New to UnityHQ? Say hello here!

    Hey ! welcome
  6. Papermoon

    The Happy Birthday thread

    Happy birthday Tidus !
  7. Papermoon

    Figured I'd drop in...

    hello and welcome
  8. Papermoon

    The Happy Birthday thread

    Happy Birthday Kepler